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"Early Lawrence County, Arkansas Records 1817-1830" by Desmond Walls Allen, 1995

"At a Circuit Court begun and held at the Town of Davidsonville in and for the County of Lawrence on Monday, 24 July 1820. Was present the Honorable Stephen F Austin, Esquire, Presiding Judge of our said court." This is the only time in this book that he is so mentioned. Two more times he is mentioned in this book as follows:

Lawrence County, Arkansas Deed Book 1817-1825

  • 208 "10 July 1820 Stephen F Austin appointed Judge of the First judicial circuit of Arkansas Territory for 3 years. Sworn in 11 July 1820 before Andrew Scott, Judge of the Superior Court of Arkansas Territory. Recorded 1 August 1820. [This is the same Stephen F Austin who was later prominent in the settlement of Texas.]"
  • 209,210 "24 September 1818. Richard (X) Woods of Arkansas County, Missouri Territory, to Joseph Janes of Lawrence County, Missouri Territory, for $10.0, a preemption right to land and improvement on Janes' Creek, made by said Woods, and bounded on one side by Lott Davis and on the other side by public land. S F Austin, J H McIlvain. Attested 24 July 1820 by Stephen F Austin before Richard Searcy, JP. Recorded 24 July 1820."

The next Circuit Court session was not held until February 1821 and by that time Stephen F Austin was no longer presiding

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