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Strathmore's Who's Who

This article written and copyright 2008 by Will Johnson, Professional Genealogist. Email me at

I received a letter 2 Sep 2008 at my home from Strathmore's Who's Who "Recognizing the accomplishments of individuals who demonstrate leadership and achievement in their occupation, industry or profession" as it says.

The letter tells me that, "Our research staff has selected you as a candidate... for inclusion in the forthcoming edition of Strathmore's Who's Who. Your selection was based on your professional achievement."

It goes on to tell me that, "Your accomplishments as a highly respected professional merit strong consideration for inclusion." The letter then advises me to register on their website at or I can return the postage-paid invitation card.

An interesting sentence states, "Should your inclusion be confirmed, there is no cost or obligation for publishing the information you have submitted."

The letter is from "Meredith L Winters, Director, Candidate Acceptance", and their address is "Strathmore Directories, 26 Bond Street, Westbury, New York".

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