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Oshkosh Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh, Wisconsin), page 1, 20 Nov 1970 "Man Who Kept Daughter in Diapers is Shot"

Arcadia, Calif (AP) — Clark Wiley, 70, accused of keeping his 13-year-old daughter in seclusion for virtually her whole life, was found shot to death today in his home, sheriff's deputies said.

Officers said the death was a suicide.

Clark Wiley was to have been arraigned at 9 a.m. along with his wife, Irene, 50, on charges of child abuse. Wiley's body was found about 8:45 a.m.

The Wileys were arrested Monday after it was revealed their daughter Susan, had been kept in diapers all her life, never attended school and hadn't learned to talk.

Authorities said she has the mind of an infant because she was imprisoned in virtual isolation most of her life inside the Wiley's two-bedroom home in Arcadia, a Los Angeles suburb.

— Transcribed Apr 2008, from the original image, by Will Johnson,, Professional Genealogist

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