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Would love to contact the person who bought/sold the Benjamin Keesling photo, as the names of my husband and his sister are the ones listed on the back of the photo (scripted 1959). Wondering where the photo was purchased - a flea market in San Jose, California or Indiana?!? Since he descends from a long line of genealogists, who rarely released their grip on any vintage family photo, this is one whose copy we would appreciate having in our collection. Thanks! C. Keesling

I am the person who sold the photo. The flea market was in Santa Cruz, California. The person who bought it stated that he was interested in collecting photographs *by* the photographer O. M. Keesling. I will also respond to you directly through email.Wjhonson 16:02, 15 November 2009 (PST)

I have several photos by Oliver Morton Keesling (1867-1929) who is the nephew of Bejanmin Franklin Keesling (1836-1910). Benjamin's wife is not Sarah, it is Mary Brunk (1838-1912). If you can put me in contact with the buyer of this photo, I would love to trade scans of OM's photos. I have about 200 gig of vintage Keesling photos. I do not have this one of Benjamin Franklin Keesling. I am in Indiana and most found here are Keesling's and other locals whose descendants remain in Indiana. Diane, VP of Indiana Keesling Reunion, Pendleton, IN,

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