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Immediately following is an citation created for one Jefferson Mallott (spelled Mallet on the cited record):

Source Name:Civil War Prisoner of War Records, 1861-1865

Citation Detail:Civil War Prisoner of War Records, 1861-1865 > Confederate, Roll: M598_5 Date:1861 - 1865 Notes:All men on this sheet died between February and August 1863. Most died of disease. Three out of the forty, including Jefferson Mallet, died of gun shot wounds and appear to have all been buried together. Actual text:Line 21 - Mallet, Jefferson - rank: Pvt - Regiment: Glenn's Arkansas - Company: F - Where Captured: not given - When Captured: not given - Where Died: Memphis, Tenn. - When Died: July 30 (1863) - Cause of Death: gunshot wound - Number and Locality of Grave, number: not known - Number and Locality of Grave, locality: Ft Pickering - Letter Mark: 371 A (3). Web address:

Whether or not he is the Jefferson Mallot for whom I have more information, he is listed as having been in Glenn's Regiment and thus probably one whose fate/biography could be listed here, albeit as mostly unknown per the official record. If he turns out to be the Jefferson Mallot I am researching, he was born September 27, 1831 in Georgia to Jesse T Mallett (b. December 13, 1803 in Union, Hancock, Georgia - d. December 1860 in Uniontownship, Conway, Arkansas) and Mathilda Tabitha Sterling (b. December 25,1810 in Meclenberg, North Carolina - d. March 10, 1875 in Mallettown, Conway, Arkansas). Interestingly and even significantly, he is not buried in the cemetery where most of his family is buried (Malletown Cemetery, Faulkner County, Arkansas) nor any cemetery in Arkansas I've been able to find.

I'm Charlie King - related to the wife of one of Jefferson Mallot's brothers.

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