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There's also a story in one of her journals about meeting Chief Joseph of the Nez PEARCE INDIAN TRIBE. They were in Spokane in 1883 (where incidentally--her and her family had gone to help build Fort Spokane for the Army to gird against indian wars) when her and her mother were riding horses and came across a group of indians on horseback---one of the indians said he liked Kitty's horse and wanted it---she said "You're not getting my horse" one of the other indians said "Do you know who you're talking to"? That's Chief Joseph---Kitty said "I don't care if it's President McKinley--he's not getting my horse"----then her and her mother rode off-----she and her mother were also the only women at the Fort at that time. She said when they had dances, her and her mother had to dance with all the men.

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