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Theodore Carew

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He is perhaps the same Theodore Carew who married Alice Pearce 8 Feb 1686/7 at Saint Sidwell, Exeter, Devon. He was, by his son Banfield's biography, Rector of Bickleigh, and we find a Theodore Carew, Rector of Bickleigh swearing a loyalty oath in 1715. Therefore, the below list of children, all with father "Theodore" in the parish register must be this same family.


All the children were baptised at Bickleigh near Exeter, Devon.

  • Henry Carew, baptised 14 Dec 1687 (his eldest child Elizabeth baptised 20 Jun 1714; he may be the same Henry Carew who then appears at Membury, Devon with three more children baptised there from 1717 to 1721 Batch C051411, the last one Theodore died 1722 at Membury
  • Dorothy Carew, baptised 27 Feb 1688/9
  • Banfield Moore Carew, baptised 23 Sep 1690 (as "Bamphil" his son Theodore baptised 15 Dec 1734)
  • John Carew, baptised 23 Mar 1691
  • Thomas Carew, baptised 11 Mar 1693, died 1 Nov 1695
  • Richard Eastchurch Carew, baptised 12 Oct 1695
  • Elizabeth Carew, baptised 6 May 1703, died 24 Feb 1704/5
  • Francis Carew, baptised 15 Feb 1704/5, died 24 Feb 1704/5
  • Saintell Carew, baptised 19 Oct 1707
  • Clifford Carew, baptised 5 Apr 1711


  • For the baptisms see,, IGI, British Isles, Batch C050311 "Parish Registers - Church of Bickleigh (near Exeter)"
  • Oaths sworn 1715
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