Thomas Jennings and Alice Bright

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Thomas Jennings and Alice Bright

Thomas Jennigs was a draper of Abingdon. He was the son of William Jennings by his wife Joan Bostock and thus by his mother was a 17th generation descendant of Henry I, King of England.

Thomas Jennings married Alice Bright and they had at least two daughters:

  • Catherine Jennings (buried 25 Aug 1597 St Helen's, Abingdon) married William Branch of Abingdon, MP in 1593 who died Apr 1602; Catherine and William Branch are ancestral to that Christopher Branch who immigrated to Henrico County, Virginia and died there between Dec 1681 and Jan 1682; this couple is ancestral to both myself and Thomas Jefferson, 3rd US President;
  • Joan Jennings married Thomas Smith who was Mayor of Abingdon in 1584; Joan Jennings and Thomas Smith are ancestral to both Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and her deceased sister-in-law Diana Spencer, Duchess of Wales

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