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Thomas Crawford St Clair Jr

Writen and copyright by Will Johnson,, Professional Genealogist. This page is locked, if you'd like to comment on it, please email me. This page has been paid for by a descendent of Thomas St Clair.

Thomas St Clair was born about 1805 in Kentucky, the son of Thomas Crawford St Clair by his wife Nancy Wood. Thomas and Nancy appear to have had at least eight children in Virginia, Kentucky, and possibly in North Carolina.

The biography of Elisha Sharpe in discussing his grandmother "Mary St Clair" states that, she was born in 1800, her family moved to Kentucky when she was 6, and then to Turkey Hill, St Clair County, Illinois settling there in 1812. A descendent informs me that when Thomas St Clair moved to St Clair County, Illinois he taught school. His daughter Mary Ann "Polly" St Clair married Jonathan Henry Sharp in 1817.

Most if not the remainder of the family relocated to the Northwest Corner of Arkansas by 1830 and possibly a few years earlier. There is an 1828 Tax List for Crawford County, Arkansas in which a Thomas St Clair appears.

Thomas Jr married a woman named Winnifred "Winnie" probably by 1825 if we allow her to be the mother of all his subsequent children. She survived him and is named as his widow in his probate papers.

Thomas obtained several pieces of land as an original owner (from the federal government). On 1 May 1845, at the Johnson Courthouse Land Office, he bought the SE of S24-T9N-R27W along with William Cressley St Clair probably his brother William. On that same day, he bought the E1/2 of the SW of that same Section by himself. And William by himself bought the E1/2 of the NW. On 1 Dec 1849, Thomas bought the NE of Secton 24.

Primary documents

  • 1830 Census of Lower Township, Crawford County, Arkansas
    • Thomas C Sinclair 000110001-00010001
    • Thomas Sinclair 01001-20001
    • William Sinclair 00001-21001
  • Mentioned in Court Minutes
    • Session Monday 15 Jul 1838 County Court Minutes "Thomas St Clair"
    • Session 18 Apr 1843 Probate Court Minutes "Elizabeth St Clair"
    • Session 19 Oct 1847 Probate Court Minutes "Thomas C St Clair"
  • Loose Probate Packet, "Thomas St Clair", printed from the original images by Will Johnson
  • The unpublished works of Charles Henry St Clair, now in the Morgan City , Louisiana Archives. "Letter from miss Nannie St Clair Stephens of Wichita , Kansas.":
    "My uncle says his grandfather was an educated man , and a teacher by profession, but of a restless dispostion, and that if he did not discover any new country , he was active in helping to develop the country already found. His name was Thomas Crawford St Clair. He married Nancy Wood . Their chlidren were seven in number John - Thomas Crawford- William and Lorenzo Dow. His daughters were Polly my mother , Sally- and Nancy. Grandfather was born abt 1775, and he was in Upper Canada in 1792. After living in 13 states and Canada, he emigated to Illinois about 1812 or 1814 and in 1816 he went to Arkansas . He belong to the order of Free Mason. It is belived that all grandfathers children are dead, and the oldest grandson son Henry Sharp is now 74 years old and Thomas Crawford Sharp is 72 and is a Methodist Minister. My grandmother Polly St Clair , married Henry Sharp. Their children Henry, Thomas Crawford, Elisha, Jonathan , Samuel, Elizabeth, Nancy St Clair, Sally and Ann." - The lettter was written ca 1893

Secondary sources

  • "Elisha Sharpe", at USGenweb, 'Clinton County, Illinois', originally published in "History of Marion and Clinton Counties, Illinois", 1881, Brink, McDonough & Co, Philadelphia.
  • Probate Papers, Franklin County, Arkansas, compiled by Virginia McPhail, privately published, Copyright 2001. Page 171:
    • St Clair, Thomas C -- deceased
  1. Winney St Clair appointed administratrix 23 Jan 1857 with a bond of $6000
  2. John Carrelton received in full $6 for making the coffin
  3. Bill from W A Linthicum for visits for "self" and family from 30 Jul 1856 through Jan 9 1857 for $77.50
  4. Chancery Court Case: John W St Clair vs George W St Clair, Lorenzo D St Clair, Thomas St Clair of Yell Co, Samuel and Sallie (St Clair) Larrence, Polly St Clair, John and Nancy J (St Clair) Brower, Winney A, Henry H and Larrence St Clair.
    John St Clair, son of Thomas C, in 1848 had a patent on land from the U.S. Government as did his father Thomas C. In 1848 they exchanged tracts of land with a verbal agreement. John improved and cultivated the land. Although they always intended to make this legal they neglected to do so. John has repeatedly applied to the defendants to convey the land in fee simple to him legally but they have refused to comply. 4 Aug 1859 (There is no conclusion to this case in the packet.)
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