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Thomas de Audley

He was born between 1296 and 1299. In CPR E1V3 p341 his marriage is granted so he was born by 23 Oct 1299, yet in CPR E2V1 p26 he is stated to have died while still a minor so he could not have been born before 7 Jul 1296. His father, Nicholas de Audley died 28 Aug 1299 (citing "Nicholas de Aldithley", Genealogics which cites Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Peerage, Baronetage and Knightage, London).

He was the eldest surviving son and heir of Nicholas de Audley (or Aldithelegh), tenant in chief to Edward I, King of England. Therefore, when Nicholas died while Thomas, was still a minor, Thomas person and marriage came to the hand of Edward. On 23 Oct 1299, Edward granted the marriage to Hugh le Despencer "to the use of his daughter". That grant states that Hugh and Nicholas had been negotiating for just such a marriage before Nicholas died.

Whether Thomas was married, has conflicting accounts in CPR. While it states that Thomas died a minor and unmarried (E2V1p26), it also later brings forth Eva as "late the wife of Thomas de Aldithelegh, tenant in chief" (E2V1p72).

Unless there were two different persons living named Thomas de Aldithelegh, a possibility Rosie Bevan rejects, then it must be that CPR is in error on Thomas dying unmarried.

Primary documentation

  • CPR E1V3 page 451 (PDF 77K) - Membrane 5 - 1299 Oct 23 - Westminster - "Grant to Hugh le Despencer of the marriage of Thomas son of Nicholas de Aldithelegh, tenant in chief, a king's ward, to the use of his daughter, and in case of the death of the said Thomas before matrimony, that of the next heir, until matrimony be effected. A marriage between the parties had been treated of, and was left unfinished by the death of the said Nicholas; and the king being favourably disposed to the wishes of the deceased and of the said Hugh, has made the above grant."
  • IPM for "Thomas, son of Nicholas de Aldithelegh", 1E2
  • CPR E2V1 page 26-27 (PDF 105K) - Membrane 5 - 1307 Dec 14 - Westminster - "Grant to Hugh le Despencer, for the benefit of his daughter, of the marriage of Nicholas, brother and heir of Thomas de Aldithelegh' son and heir of Nicholas de Aldithelegh', deceased, tenant in chief, whose marriage does not belong to him under the late king's grant, for the like purpose, of the marriage of the above-named Thomas de Aldithelegh', who since the king's accession died a minor and unmarried." (Edward II acceeded on Jul 7, 1307.)
  • CPR E2V1 page 72 (PDF 103K) - Membrane 9 - 1308 May 22 - Westminster - "Grant to Thomas de Ufford of the marriage of Eva, late the wife of Thomas de Aldithelegh, tenant in chief, or of any fine incurred by her by marrying without license."
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