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Submit by Julia Molitz

"Land Deed Genealogy of Lincoln CO., TN 1828-1834" Vol 3, Compiled by Helen C. & Timothy R. Marsh.

From Deed Book H; Page 424; 12 Jan 1829

Trust Deed, 2 tracts - URIAH WHITE of Lincoln CO., TN to NATHANIEL S. HARTIN of Giles County, Tennessee and ISAAC JAMES of Giles County, Tennessee. Said Uriah White is indeted to SAMUEL FAIN & CO. by judgement to the amount of twenty dollars five and one half cents with interest and cost of suit and adnother (sic) judgement in favor of the same against the same for eleven dollars and eleven and one half cents and interest and cost of suit. Said Uriah White this day granted sold and conveyed unto Nathaniel S. Hartin the following property, to wit, one tract of land being in Giles County Tenness on the waters of Sinking Creek and is a part of a 102 acre tract entered by Joseph Calvert and joining the tract whereon Thomas D. Hartin now lives and containing 50 acres, and also one tract in Lincoln CO., Tennessee containing 25 acres adjoining a tract of land belonging to John Kelly, and a tract belonging to Caleb Birmingham, and on the south by Lewis Bledsoe's tract and on the east by Solomon Burford, being half of a 50 acre tract of said Burford, and one gray mare, one crib of corn. Wit: William Hamilton and David White. Reg: 28 Nov 1829

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