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Secondary sources

Page 114 : "The family of Vaux, or de Vallibus, was of Norman extraction and derived its name from a lordship near Falaise in Normandy. In the reign of Stephen, Hubert de Vallibus, or Vaux, and his brother, Robert, were seized of great landed possessions. Hubert, living 1149, held divers lordships in the north of England, among them the barony of Gilsland and the lordship of Triermain in county Cumberland. He was the ancestor of Vaux of Gilsland (which estate passed by the marriage of the heiress, temp. Henry III, to Thomas de Moulton) and of Vaux of Trierman, which line also ended in an heiress, who married, temp. Edw. I, William le Vaux of Catterlyn, ancestor in the female line of Lord Brougham and Vaux.
"The younger brother, Robert de Vallibus or Vaux, living temp. of Stephen, held divers lordships in Suffolk and Norfolk, and was founder of Pentney Priory in the last named county. He died, temp. of H. II, and was succeeded by his son, William de Vaux, living temp. Henry II, who was succeeded by his son, Robert de Vaux, who lived in the same reign and was s. by his son, Oliver de Vaux, living temp. John, who accompanied that king to Ireland in 1203, but afterwards joining the barons in their hostile measures, had all his estates forfeited. They were restored to him, 2 H. III, and he was one of those selected to assess the quinzine for Norfolk and Suffolk, 10 Henry III (1225). He was afterwards justice itinerant, 18 Henry III (1234). He married Petronilla, widow of Henry de Mara and of William de Longchamps, and died after 1244, having had issue:
  1. Robert, living temp. Hen. III, d.s.p.
  2. William, married Eleanor, daughter of William de Ferrars, 7th Earl of Derby, d.s.p.
  3. John, high sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk, 47-49 Henry III (1263-5), fought at Evesham, and obtained a grant of house property in London, 49 Hen. III, was justice itinerant, 6 Edw. I (1288), having by Sibilla, his wife, two daughters and co-heires: 1. Petronilla, married William de Nerford; 2. Maud, married William de Roos, 2nd, Baron de Roos of Hamlake.
  4. Roger, of whom presently.
  1. Eleanor
"Roger de Vaux was s. by his grandson, Elias de Vaux, who temp. Edw. II, married Anne Tuning, an heiress, and had a son, William Vaux, who acquired by marriage with the heiress of William de Harrowden of Harrowden, county Northampton, the lordship of Harrowden with the hamlets of Little Harrowden, Orlybere and Isham, and died temp. Edward III, having had (with a daughter, Elizabeth, maid of honor to Queen Philippa, married 1351 Ralph de Buxton) a son and heir, William Vaux of Harrowden, married, temp. Richard II, the daughter and heiress of Chambers, and had a son, William Vaux, of Harrowden, who served on several commissions in Northamptonshire, temp. Henry IV, married Eleanor, daughter of Sir Thomas Drakelowe, Knt., of Welby, and had a son, Sir William Vaux, Knight, of Harrowden, high sheriff of Northants, 15, 28 and 32 Henry VI, married Matilda, daughter of Sir William Lacy, Knight and had a son, Sir William Vaux, Knight, of Harrowden, a zealous Lancastrian, who was attainted of high treason, I Edward IV, when his vast possessions, including lordships in Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire were confiscated. He fled to Italy and afterwards to France, but returned to England at the restoration of Henry VI, in the retinue of Margaret of Anjou. He married Catherine, daughter of George Peniston of Courtesellas in Piedmont, an English refugee. He fought at the battle of Barnet, 14 April, 1471, and was slain at Tewkesbury, 14 May following. His son, Nicholas Vaux, 1st Baron Vaux of Harrowden, a distinguished military commander, obtained the restoration of his father's estate, temp. Henry VII, and was knighted at the battle of Stoke, 2 Henry VII (1487), made a knight banneret at the battle of Blackheath, 1497, sheriff of Northants, 10 and 17 Henry VIII, lieutenant of the Castle of Guisnes in Picardy, 1502-23." [the remainder of the long discussion NOT copied here, the only source cited, at the end is "See Burke's Peerage"].
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