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Trish Grundy, Trishgrundy@aol.com on 16 May 2008 sent me the following which she obtained 15 Nov 2001 at Muskogee Public Library, and which appears to be a Dawes' Application

Page 1 is mostly boilerplate with the following writen entries: "Lake C Wilson, Nation's Number 2524" He claims his right to be a citizen of the Cherokee Nation through "Susan Hunter" The application is dated "Sep 1896"

Page 2 is all handwriten and reads: "Now comes H. W. Reaves, John P Reaves and Daniel A Grounds being duly sworn deposeth and says that we are personally acquainted with Lake C Wilson who is your petitioner for citizenship in the Cherokee Nation Indian Territory and further state that Lake C Wilson is a son of Jane Wilson Born Reaves and a daughter of William Reaves who married Susan Hunter in the old Cherokee Nation East of the Mississippi River and that we further state L C Wilson to be a grandson of Susan Hunter who comes from the Old Cherokee Nation East of the Mississippi River we further state that Lake C Wilson is a Cherokee Indian by blood and a decendent of Susan Hunter and William Reaves the [illegible] Susan Hunter and we further state that papers has been [?] filed before Cherokee Councel [?] at Tahlequah, I.T. by one Geo W Reaves who is H W Reaves brother making this affidavit All papers of application for citizenship together with of same [?] were filed and by parties [?] Proof, who knew him in the old Cherokee Country in the Tennessee River. This was done in 1878. Those papers being lost brother Geo W Reaves mad [sic] new ones and will be found attached to some of our Revolutionary [?] [or Relationship?] papers In witness of which [illegible] set our hand on this the 5 day of Sep 1896

atest J N Thomas Daniel A Grounds atest D B Thomas H W [his mark] Reaves John C [his mark] Reaves

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 5 day of Sep 1896 J N Thomas Notary Public my commission expires July [?] 8, 1898"

Page 3 is just a notice by one official that all papers have been delivered to another official

Page 4 is handwriten and reads: "Application for Citizenship "To the Honorable Dawes Commission "Gentleman, the undersigned your petitioner this day makes this his application for citizenship in the Cherokee Nation in the Indian Territory in accordance with the consitution and laws of said nation, and respectfully makes the following statements of this his application to wit

"That he Lake C Wilson born Wilson who was the son of Jane Wilson born Reaves who was the sister of Henry E Reaves who was the father of Geo W Reaves (who was the grandson of William Reaves that he is the descendent of William Reaves who married Susan Hunter of whom was a full blood Cherokee Indian) who the undersigned fully believes was an Indian belonging to said tribe, the undersigned hereby presents the above facts as the lawful Grounds for this his application for Cherokee Citizenship by Blood and Respectfully awaits the time when this his application shall be truly herd [sic] and tried respectfully submitted Age 59 Years My Postoffice Bonham Texas Fannin Co Family with Relationships attached as follows for all of whom application is here made [Over]

Page 5 is just a list of himself, his two wives, and children

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