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Submitted by Ginny Keefer Feb 28, 2007

Taken from Ancestry.com. Not gospel. Use only to locate places and other helpful info. for further research..

Isaac Wright b ca 1731 Surry, NC, d 2 July, 1812 Murphreeboro, Rutherford Co TN. [Son of Daniel Wright b 1 May 1674 Hartford, Wethersfield, CT, died 8 June 1761 Surry, NC- who married Ellen Eleanor Benton b CT. ] Isaac was grandson of James Wright b 1638 Kelvedon, Essex, Eng. d. CT and wife Dorcas Weed]. Isaac married Rebecca Thompson b 27 Jan 1752 Reedy Fork, Guilford, NC, died 9 Apr 1840 Murfreesboro, Rutherford, NC. Children said to be: 1. Mary b 7 Nov 1770 Guilford, NC md Joseph Dill b 1760 Kent, Delaware, died Spartanburg, SC. 2. Hannah b 16 Jan 1772 TN, d Nov 1836 md William Graham. 3. Abraham b 12 Oct 1773, d 18 Mar 1829 MS 4. Isaac b 23 Dec 1775 TN, d Dec 1861 Liberty, Randolph Co NC. Married 1st Martha Wilburn 7 June, 1800, md 2nd Hannah Holder 12 Nov 1838 Randolph Co NC. 5. Jacob b 1777 TN, d 4 Dec 1860. Md Mary/Polly Macklenhallen/Mucklehatton? 12 Nov 1838. 6. Thompson b 30 Dec 1779 Rutherford, TN, d 9 June 1834 Rutherford, TN, md Clementine Smith. 7. Elizabeth b 2 Nov 1781 Rutherford Co TN, d 16 Sept 1802 Gibson, TN. Married Jasper Brashear. 8. Rebecca b 12 Dec 1783 TN, d 6 May, 1850 TN. Married Henry Goodloe ca 1803 Randolph Co TN.

Isaac Wright Sr.'s wife Rebecca was dau. of Roger Thompson b 1723 Amelia, VA, d Orange Co NC. and Ann Ferguson b ca 1730 Amelia, VA.

John Wright and wife Rachel Wells, parents of; John Wright b 4 Jan 1716 Chester Co PA, d Bush River, Newberry, SC-married Jemima Haworth b Aug 1747 Hopewell, Frederick Co VA, d Leesburg, OH 14 Aug 1828.

John and Jemima Wright were parents of; Jesse Wright b 17 July 1769 Bush River, Newberry, SC , d 1848 Henry, Indiana. and wife Ann Clearwater b 27 July, 1777 New Hope, Greene Co TN, d 25 June, 1861 Henry, IN. md 3 May, 1797 New Hope, Greene Co TN.

Ann Clearwater was dau. of Jacob Clearwater b 26 Jan 1750 Marbletown, NY, d 1820 Clinton, Ohio and wife Elizabeth Armstrong b 1759 New Hope Mn. Greene Co TN. Died 1798 Clinton, OH.

Children of Jesse Wright and Ann were; [Several married into Rees family-Ginny] 1. John b 31 May, 1798 New Hope Mm, Greene Co TN, d 1874 Liberty Twp. Grant Co IN. Married Margaret Rees b Greene Co TN. 2. Jacob b 18 Aug 1799 New Hope Mm, Greene Co TN, d 20 June 1877 Henry, IN. Married Catherine Rees who died 16 Oct 1863 Henry, IN. 3. Jane b 2 Oct 1800 New Hope Mm. Greene, TN, d 1908. Married Elihu Osborn b 1810 Jefferson, TN. 4. James b 24 Nov 1802 New Hope Mm, Greene Co TN, d 1 Aug 1809, Greene Co TN. 5. Elizabeth b 28 Aug 1804 New Hope Mm, Greene Co TN, d 1904. Married Thomas Ellis on Greene Co TN. 6. Rachel b 9 May, 1806 New Hope Mn, Greene Co TN, d 1906 Howard, IN. Married Phineas Pickering. 7. Jesse b 22 Mar 1810 New Hope Mm, Greene, TN, died 8 Aug 1879 Liberty Twp. Grant, IN. Married Charity Reese b Greene Co TN 1814, died 1859 Grant, IN. 8. Ruth b 6 Dec 1811 New Hope Mm, Greene Co TN, d 3 Oct 1858 Fairmont Twp, Grant, IN. Married Solomon Rees. 9. Joab b 19 June 1815, Greene, TN, d 3 Dec 1894 Center Twp. Grant, IN. Married Mary Small b OH, d Henry, IN. 10. Joel b 30 Oct 1817 Raytown, TN, d 16 June 1895 Greensboro, IN. Married Ann Elliott. 11. Ann b 4 July 1820 Greene Co TN, d 23 Sept 1864, Sanders, Henry, IN. Married Tobias Sanders, b NC, died Henry IN.

There was a Francis Wright b 1745 VA, who married Mercy Goldsmith in 1771. Do not know which Francis Wright this was.

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