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Barack A Obama (b 1961)


Barack Hussein Obama, Jr


Barack Hussein Obama was born in 4 Aug 1961 in Honolulu, Honolulu County, Hawaii to Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. (born in Nyanza Province, Kenya) and Stanley Ann Dunham (born in Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas). His parents had met while both were attending college at the University of Hawaii. His parents divorced and his mother remarried while Barack was a young child — his father returned to Kenya.

Stanley Ann Dunham married secondly to an Indonesian man and the family went there to live for a time. It was decided however after Barack had lived there for some few years, that he would be raised by his maternal grandparents in Honolulu. So at the age of ten he went to live with them, while his mother continued living in Indonesia with her then-husband. It was in Honolulu that Barack finished his primary schooling.

Barack met his father once when Barack was about 18. His father died in an auto accident when Barack was 21. Barack's mother Ann was born 29 Nov 1942 in Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas and died 7 Nov 1995 of breast cancer in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Barack moved to Chicago where on 18 Oct 1992 he married, at Trinity United Church of Christ, to Michelle LaVaughn Robinson who had been born in Chicago on 17 Jan 1964. They have two children, Malia born 1998 and Sasha born 2001.

While running for US President, Barack was a US Senator from Illinois. He won the US Presidential Election of 2008, and was inaugurated in January 2009. His Democratic challengers for President were: Joe Biden, Christopher Dodd, John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich, Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson, and Mike Gravel.

Secondary sources for 1

Royal ascent 1 (Invalid)

On William Addams Reitwiesner's research page, we can see how Barack Obama is a descendent of Martha Eltonhead.

At one time it was believed that his shortest royal line, was to Henry II, King of England as follows:

  • Martha Eltonhead, daughter of
  • Richard Eltonhead died 1664 and Anne Sutton died possibly 1654, daughter of
  • Edward Sutton, living 5JamesI and Anne Stanley baptised 31 Dec 1561 Ormskirk, co Lanc., daughter of
  • Peter Stanley buried 24 Jul 1592 Ormskirk, co Lanc. and Cecily Tarleton buried 28 Nov 1568 Ormskirk, co Lanc., son of
  • William Stanley born abt 1474/5 and Anne Harrington "co-heiress of her father", son of
  • William Stanley of Hooten died 3 Mar 1512 and Agnes Grosvenor died 5 Feb 1482 "co-heiress of her father", son of
  • William Stanley and Mary Savage, daughter of (BUT see [1] where Todd Whitesides states citing the Rylands Charters on A2A, that the widow of this William, and mother of William Stanley of Hooten (next) was Alicia Houghton, not Mary Savage) (The summary of the document Todd cites to break this line is here and states "Grant by William Stanley of Hoton, kt., kinsman and heir of Henry Hoghton, esq., namely the son of Alicia, sister of Henry, to Matthew Swetenham, chaplain - ref. RYCH/1324 - date: Oct. 1, 1510")
  • John Savage, Knt died 1 Aug 1450 and Maud de Swynnerton "only daughter", born after her parents 1364 dispensation, daughter of
  • Robert, Lord Swynnerton died about 1395 and Elizabeth Beke died 1386 daughter of
  • Thomas de Swynnerton died after 1357 and Maud de Holland, daughter of
  • Robert, 1st Lord Holland beheaded 7 Oct 1328 and Maud le Zouche died abt 1289/90, daughter of
  • Alan le Zouche, Knt died 1313/4 and Eleanor de Seagrave, son of
  • Robert le Zouche died 1285 and Ela de Longespee, daughter of
  • Stephen de Longespee, Knt and Emeline de Ridelsford, Countess of Ulster, son of
  • William Longespee, 3rd Earl of Salisbury died 7 Mar 1225/6 and Ela FitzPatrick, son of
  • Henry II, King of England and Ida de Toeni

Royal ascent 2

  • Martha Eltonhead, daughter of
  • Richard Eltonhead died 1664 son of
  • William Eltonhead buried 21 Sep 1601 son of
  • Jennet Gerard daughter of
  • Matilda Bolde daughter of
  • Dulcia Savage daughter of
  • Catherine Stanley, Heiress of the manor of Camden, daughter of
  • Joan Goushill, living 1458, daughter of
  • Elizabeth Arundel , Duchess of Norfolk, daughter of
  • Elizabeth de Bohun (d. 1385), Countess Arundel, daughter of
  • William de Bohun , 1st Earl of Northampton son of
  • Elizabeth of England, daughter of
  • Edward I, King of England 1272-1307
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