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Ben Patrick Johnson, novelist, voice-over actor, and commentator.


Ben Patrick Johnson

Picture taken by Eric Raptosh 2006, provided courtesy by Ben Patrick Johnson
Picture taken by Eric Raptosh 2006, provided courtesy by Ben Patrick Johnson

Ben Patrick Johnson was born 30 Jun 1969 in Tucson, Arizona, the son of Charles Johnson, and his wife. His parents being former educational missionaries in the Belgian Congo [1], Ben is the only one of their six children born in a regular hospital. Ben was raised in St. Paul, Minnesota during the 1970s on and around the campus of liberal Macalester College, where his father taught French language and cinema courses.[2]

Deemed gifted but troubled by guidance counselors, Johnson left High School at age 15 to attend the University of Minnesota. At the same time, he began working in radio at KTCZ-FM and WLOL-FM in Minneapolis. [3]

In 1992 he was working full-time at KSTP-AM in St. Paul, as the production director. That year a consultant for ABC Radio heard Johnson's work, and at age 22, he was hired to be the Director of Production at ABC's flagship KABC-AM in Los Angeles." ("Minnesota Voices") Johnson held the position for 2 years. [4]

"Johnson's first national exposure came in 1994 when he was chosen as co-host for Extra, an entertainment-magazine show. Extra demoted Johnson to on-air correspondent shortly after he came out as homosexual in the gay press..." (Ben Patrick Johnson, Wikipedia). He wrote a book In and Out in Hollywood about this experience, which you can see here. His book published by Palari Books, appears on their website here. The book has been lightly fictionalized but appears to be fairly-well based on his own personal experience with Extra.

It is at least possible that Ben decided to use his full name to avoid confusion with a previous "Ben Johnson" who had been a Hollywood actor and who died in 1996.

From at least 2006 to 2007, Ben hosted an online video program called Left Coast. On his more popular episode (two million views), he interviewed Paul Lekakis whom he there describes as "his neighbor". The last videos appear to date from five months ago. His Wikipedia article states that the video program was put on hiatus so he could persue his writing. As recently as Feb 2008, Ben was active in editing his own entry at Wikipedia, so it's possible he himself wrote that comment.

An "about the author" blurb at Amazon for his second book Third and Heaven states : "Ben Patrick Johnson is one of the top voice-over actors in Hollywood. His is the signature announcer voice of Entertainment Tonight, Judge Joe Brown and Fox Sports' You Gotta See This! His voice has been heard in hundreds of trailers for films such as X-Men, Anger Management, The Pianist, City of God and many others. He is the author of In and Out in Hollywood and lives in Los Angeles."



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