Claudius, Emperor of the Roman Empire

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Claudius, his marriages and children.

By his first wife, Plautia Urgulanilla, Claudius had:

  • Claudius Drusus choked to death on a pear, sometime between 22 and 28
  • Claudia Antonia, who was repudiated by her father, i.e. he didn't think he was her father.

Claudius divorced Plautia on the grounds of adultery about 24.

Claudius married his second wife Aelia Paetina in 28 and they divorced in 31 By this second wife he had:

  • Claudia Antonia who married firstly Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus in 43 but him dying between 45 and 50 allowed her to marry secondly Faustus Cornelius Sulla Felix "consul in 52"

Sources disagree as to *why* Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus died, but they agree he was murdered or executed (as you will).

Felix was exiled in 59 and murdered in 62 by order of Nero. Claudia managed to survive until 66 when she was executed by order of Nero. They had a son Cornelius who died at age 2.

Claudius married his third wife Valeria Messalina who was also related to him in the following way : Claudius' mother's mother's father was Gaius Octavius, Governor of Macedonia who died in 58 BC. Gaius married Atia Balba Caesoria daughter of Marcus Atius Balbus a Senator. Messalina's father's mother's mother's father was this same couple Gaius Octavius and Atia Balba Caesoria.

Claudius and Messalina had two children:

  • Claudia Octavia March 40 who married Nero and was executed 8 Jun 62 on his order
  • Tiberius Claudius Caesar Brittanicus born 12 Feb 41 poisoned in 55

Claudius married fourthly in 49 to Julia Vipsania Agrippina Minor, his cousin, and the mother of Nero his successor.

Claudius and his fourth wife were even more closely related, both being descendents of both Marc Antony by Octavia and also descending from the "wicked" Livia Drusilla by her first husband Tiberius Claudius Nero. Julia was Claudius' niece....

They had no children.

Claudius died 13 Oct 54 "perhaps poisoned by his fourth wife, his niece Agrippina". That fourth wife, mother of Nero was executed on his order March 59.

Nero died without children and thus ended the Julio-Claudian house. They all wiped each other out.

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