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Since the 21st of July, many users of AOL (perhaps all) have been having an issue where "Command Services has been blocked" by AOL Spy Zapper software. Other spyware programs do not find any Command Services, yet AOL does. In addition, starting from the 21st these same users have had periodic blue-screens. Sometimes the blue screen occurs randomly during the course of computer usage and then will recur upon startup. Selecting "Last Known Good Configuration" will re-set the system, so it can boot, but then again later that day or the next the blue screen will recur.

The above search shows how prolific this *bug* have become, already getting 1000 Googs.

Users have stated that they have downloaded various anti-Spyware, anti-Adware and anti-Virus programs but nothing seems to correct the problem. The problem is intermittent, however a few things seem to characterize it.

After booting cleanly, if you *do not* sign onto AOL, you will not again have the problem. The problem appears to be related either to signing onto AOL, having SpyZapper find "Command Services" (which it only does while you are online) or IE browsing through AOL. Other activities, for example word-processing, or playing a non-online game do not appear to cause the blue screen.

The error code that comes up appears to implicate a "driver", Microsoft's help site is not more specific, but does recommend a series of step you follow. Following these steps however gives conflicting results. Although you *can* get to a point where continued reboots do not cause a blue screen, you either get to a point where the services you've blocked prevent you from signing onto AOL at all, or you get to a point where the blue screening is as random as it was before. So the instruction fail to allow the average user to properly determine how to fix the error.

One user has suggested that perhaps there is something wrong in AOL's drivers themselves and recommends using AOL Computer Check Up, then selected One Step Fixes, and doing any fix that seems to refer to the AOL Connections or Drivers.

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