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The CountyHistorian website was established February 2007 by me Will Johnson, Professional Genealogist, Biographer and Historian. I've been doing genealogy as a hobby for 30 years, and professionally for the last six. Although I started this business doing genealogy, I found that it's the process of documenting that I enjoy. This naturally led to pursuing articles that weren't strictly about a person's family tree. I've writen several biographical articles without really finding out much about the person's ancestors. Also I've writen histories of companies and organizations. I may be reached at <a href = ""></a>


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Copyright 2007-2008,, Professional Genealogist, All Rights Reserved. This page is locked, if you'd like to add or correct anything, please email me. I am available for hire to assist you to trace your family or create a biography of you or your relative. I charge $25 per hour.Find your family history in the World's Largest Newspaper Archive! Find News, Births and Deaths

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The list of my favorite articles has moved to "Current Events" on Knol.

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