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Edward Young Johnson

Edward Young Johnson, born 1803 to 1807 in Georgia or possibly in South Carolina, and married to two sisters. I had believed that he might have been married first to an unknown woman and been the parents of Belle "Billy" Johnson (female b 1831 SC), Jesse T Johnson (male b 1836 SC) and Martin Johnson which three are all enumerated together in the 1860 census of Brownsville, Paulding County, Georgia. The same town where he is. However further research shows that he must be that Edward Y Johnson living in 1830 already in Fayette County, Georgia, while these younger people were born at that time in South Carolina. So now I think he might very well be their uncle.

Edward Y Johnson's first or second wife was Mary Eason, they married 10 Jan 1838 in Fayette County, Georgia and she was the mother of all of his children. Mary died between 1860 and 1863 probably in Paulding County, Georgia where they were then living. His second wife was her sister Katherine Eason (b. 1813), they married on 1 Nov 1863 after Mary had died. Mary and Catherine were two of the children of Abraham Eason and Lucibert or Lucy Bert Peters.

Edward is "said-to-have" died May 1879 possibly in Paulding County, Georgia. His widow Catherine is living there in 1880 at Weddington, age 65 and in the household is also her "step-son, E Y Johnson age 30 born GA".


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