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This page writen by Will Johnson, Professional Genealogist. If you have comments you can email me.

At a flea market, I bought a photograph. Writen on the back it says "Eugenia Deardorff, with Wm J Wyatt, Spring of 1913, 56th Street, Oakland, Calif".

So I decided to do a little research on her to see if I could track down someone who wanted to buy this photo from me. If YOU want to buy this from me, I paid five bucks for it, so I'll sell it to you for six. Just let me know.

Here on the NVWASHOE list is a message dated 28 May 2002 from Gayle stating that "Eugenia A. (Ballou) Deardorff ... died in Sparks, Washoe, NV on 11-26-1918. She was brought back to California and buried in Oakland." I'm sure this is the same person. About a year earlier, Diana Willberg posted to the same list here regarding this same person. Finally here we can see how she fits into the Deardorff extended family tree. There they call her "Eugenia Ballon, [and that her husband was] William Perry Deardorff b 1850 Amador County, California" citing "Riley County Genealogical Society, "Miscellaneous Notes on the Deardorff Family", (Manhattan, Kansas)."

Here is another entry in Ancestry's Public Family Trees by gaylesbill stating that Eugenia A Ballou born 9 Sep 1853 by her husband William Perry Deardorff had four children: Edward S Deardorff 1872, Eveline L Deardorff 1877, Elsie A Deardorff 1878, Ida Laurena Deardorff 1882

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