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Business solutions for local and web processing using Microsoft Office, Windows NT Networking, Visual Basic and Pick / Unidata / Universe / Advanced Revelation / Jbase / MvBase / Reality / IBM

IBM PartnerWorld for Software Member
Member of the Association of Database Developers


Contact us to bid on your project. No project too small or too large. Windows NT networking, Microsoft Office, XML, SQL, Multi-value solutions.


180 Seventh Avenue, #102
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
(831) 477-7125 (voice)
(831) 688-0978 (fax)


          Services offered to the Multi-Value community


  • Putting your business on the Internet.
  • Contract programming
  • Computer hardware sales, leasing and service
  • Placement:
    • Click here to post your resume for Microsoft Office, Windows NT and Multi-Value
    • Click here to post your job opening for Microsoft Office, Windows NT and Multi-Value
  • Computer Consulting
  • Offsite backup media storage.


Hot Links! IBM, Raining Data, JBase, General Automation, Carnation, IDBMA, Northgate, Revelation, 1mage, [aol://5863:126/comp.databases.pick NewsGroup]

Download the latest version of the programmer's shell. This is an intelligent TCL command-line stacker, which will speed-up your programming effort, without changing your coding style.
More Information Download WS, the Programmer's Shell


    Contact us

Resume of Owner Will Johnson

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