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  Business solutions for local and web processing using Microsoft Office, Windows NT Networking, Visual Basic and
Pick / Unidata / Universe / Advanced Revelation / Jbase / MvBase / Reality / IBM

IBM PartnerWorld for Software Member
<a href="">Member of the Association of Database Developers</a>


Contact us to bid on your project. No project too small or too large. Windows NT networking, Microsoft Office, XML, SQL, Multi-value solutions.

<a href=''><img border=0 src=''></a>

180 Seventh Avenue, #102
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
(831) 477-7125 (voice)
(831) 688-0978 (fax)
E-mail: <a href = ""></a>


          Services offered to the Multi-Value community


     <IMG SRC="bullets/circbul.gif" BORDER="0" > Putting your business on the internet.
     <IMG SRC="bullets/circbul.gif" BORDER="0" > Contract Programming
     <IMG SRC="bullets/circbul.gif" BORDER="0" > Computer Hardware Sales, Leasing and Service
     <IMG SRC="bullets/circbul.gif" BORDER="0" >
        <a href = "placement.htm"> Post your resume for Microsoft Office, Windows NT and Multi-Value</a>
     <IMG SRC="bullets/circbul.gif" BORDER="0" >
        <a href = "jobs.htm"> Post your job opening for Microsoft Office, Windows NT and Multi-Value</a>
     <IMG SRC="bullets/circbul.gif" BORDER="0" > Computer Consulting
     <IMG SRC="bullets/circbul.gif" BORDER="0" > Offsite backup media storage.


Hot Links!

<a href="">IBM</a>, <a href="">Raining Data</a>,

<a href="">JBase</a>,

<a href="">General Automation</a>,

<a href="">Carnation</a>,

<a href="">IDBMA</a>,

<a href="">Northgate</a>, <a href="">Revelation</a>,

<a href="">1mage</a>, <a href="aol://5863:126/comp.databases.pick">NewsGroup</a>


Download the latest version of the programmer's shell. This is an intelligent TCL command-line stacker, which will speed-up your programming effort, without changing your coding style.

<a href="">More Information</a>

<a href="">Download WS, the Programmer's Shell</a>


    <a href="contact.htm">Contact us</a>

<a href="">Resume of Owner Will Johnson</a>

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