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Download WS The Pick/Multi-Value Programmer's Shell


(vers 2.72.1 loaded 29 Jun 1999 at 4:30 PM)


(vers 2.73.11 loaded 14 Jul 1999 at 6:15 AM)


(vers 3.2.14 loaded 14 Aug 1999 at 3:00 AM)


(vers 1.0 loaded 5 Aug 1999 at 6:15)

Detailed instructions:

1. CLICK on the link above that says Download WS. (If you are the more adventerous sort you can try the BETA or even the ALPHA versions.) If you get the File Download dialog box, then choose Save to Disk and skip to step 3.

2. Cut-and-paste the text that appears. The program is strictly a text-only file that is Pick BASIC Source code. So it might be wisest if you put it into a folder that is, or is close to, a Pick BASIC code area. You may name this program whatever you wish.

3. After the copy is finished, you need to use whatever tools you have at your disposal to move this program into a Pick BASIC programming file, if it is not already in one. Those of you on Universe for Windows will have an easier time because your BASIC files are Windows folders already. The rest of you will need to use some sort of FTP or other transfer program to get the file from Windows into PICK.

4. Once you have the program in a Pick BASIC programming file, you need to compile it and run it. The program creates several files, so it's safest for you if you run it in an account that is not in active use, until you can test it out and make sure everything is fine.

5. The program will check to see if another copy of itself is in existence and uninstall it. It will then ask you what kind of machine you are on, and it may ask you to retype the TCL Run command you used to invoke it. It does this step only so it can know the name of the item in which you saved it. It uses a self-extracting installer, so it needs to know the correct name, in order to read the archive out of it. The program will then proceed to install itself. The only further input it will ask for regards controls. Controls are things that handle what is mostly memo information. You may see questions like "What is your Company's Name". You may leave these blank if you don't wish to take the time to fill them out. However when it asks you if you want to create a control always say Y, an answer of N could cause the install to fail.

If you want to use GETWEBPAGE to retrieve a web page into your application using AccuTerm, you may download it by clicking on the GETWEBPAGE beta above.

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