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This page writen and copyright 2008 by Will Johnson, wjhonson@aol.com, Professional Genealogist.


Helen Rader

Helen Rader was born 6 Sep 1912 in Monterey County, California to #Frank Solomon Rader (b 10 Nov 1889 Edgewood, Siskiyou County, California, d 1960) and his wife Hattie Rose Handley (b 1892 California, d 1972). She had a sister Alice. The family appears in 1920 at Paraiso, Monterey County, California. Helen married about 1930 to Vernon Pierre Lamouettee (b 1910). They had one child Robert Vernon Lamouettee born 1931 in Fresno County. Vernon Lamouette died in 1976 in Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon. Helen died 9 May 1981 in Santa Cruz County, California.

Primary sources for 1

Frank Solomon Rader

Frank Solomon Rader was born 10 Nov 1889 in Edgewood, Siskiyou County, California to Isaiah Rader and his wife Josephine Scott. This family appears in 1900 at Edgewood, Siskiyou County, California. Isaiah was born in Ohio, and Josephine was born in Missouri.

In 1910 Frank is living in Soledad, Monterey County, with his parents, and single. He is a farm laborer. Between 1910 and 1913, probably in Monterey County, Frank Rader, married Hattie Handley. The family lived in 1920 in Paraiso, Monterey County where Frank worked as a foreman at a sugar beet ranch. They lived in 1930 in Fresno where Frank worked in the Production Department of an Oil Company.

Frank Solomon Rader died 21 Jun 1960 in Fresno County, California.

Primary sources for 2

  • California Voter Registrations, 1900-1968
    • Monterey County : "Frank S Rader, Merchant, Republican, Soledad; Mrs Hattie R Rader, Housewife, Republican, Soledad; Isiah Rader, Farmer, Democrat, Soledad"
    • Monterey County : "Frank S Rader, Foreman, Republican, Soledad"
    • Warthan Precinct, Fresno County 1922 : "Mrs Hattie R Rader, housewife, Coalinga, Republican; Frank S Rader, fireman, Coalinga, Republican"
    • 1924-6 Fresno County : "Frank S Rader, pumper, Bx 31, Coalinga, Republican; Mrs Hattie Rader, housewife, Box 31, Coalinga, declines"

Hattie Rose Handley

Hattie Handley was born about 1892 in California (28 in the 1920 Census, 38 in the 1930 Census), the daughter of Charles Norton Handley (1869-1940) and his wife Alice Bella (b 1872/3) (mar 24 Jan 1891 see this site).

Primary sources for 3

Isaiah Rader

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Secondary sources for 4

Josephine Scott

Primary sources for 5

Secondary sources for 5

Charles Norton Handley

Primary sources for 6

Alice Bellah

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Royal Ascent

Through Alice Bellah, Helen Rader ascends per OneWorldTree to "John Hudson" here, who has many interesting ascents to be explored.

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