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Ioannes Komnenos, Duke of Cyprus

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Ioannes was born in 1128, the son of Andronikos Komnenos, Sebastokrator by his wife Eirene (Ainoiadissa). About 1146 he married a daughter of Michael Taronites.

They had four children, but only two daughters Theodora and Maria had descendents.

  1. Theodora married firstly Boemund III, Prince of Antioch (from 1163 to 1201) and secondly Gautier de Beth'san. By her second husband she had Alice de Beth'san who married Baudoin Ibelin, Senschal of Cyprus (d 1267). The sole living descendents from this match come off their descendent Anne de Lusignan (d 1462) who married Louis, Duke of Savoy (b 1413). Hundreds if not thousands of people descend from this point, including most of the Royal Houses of Europe.
  2. Maria born about 1154 married firstly in 1167 to Amalric I d'Anjou, King of Jerusalem and secondly in 1177 to Balian Ibelin, Lord of Nablus.
    1. Isabella d'Anjou, Queen of Jerusalem. Isabella married four times. By her first husband Honfroy de Toron she had no surviving children. By her second husband Conrad, Marchese de Monferrato she had a daughter Maria who became Queen of Jerusalem, but this line died out completely with the death of Konradin von Hohenstaufen, Duke von Schwaben in 1268. By her third husband she had three children: Marie, Alix and Philippe. By her fourth marriage to Amaury de Lusignan, King of Cyprus she had three children: Sybille, Amaury and Melisende.
      1. Marie died as a child.
      2. Alix she married three times, but all her children came from her first marriage to Hughes de Lusignan, King of Cyprus. By him she had four children
        1. Marie married Gauthier de Brienne, Count of Jaffa and by him had three children, but only her son Hughes, Count de Brienne, Count de Lecce had surviving descendents.
        2. Isabelle married Henry of Antioch-Poitiers and by him had three children, but only her son Hugh III de Lusignan, King of Cyprus and Jerusalem had surviving descendents.
        3. Henri, his line died out completely in the next generation.
        4. unnamed, died young
      3. Philippe, perhaps by far the easiest one to connect with, she has 42 known descendents in the sixth generation from her.
      4. Sybille married Leo, King of Armenia, has nine descendents in the sixth generation, but the only living descendents must come either through Maria Gibelet down to Anne de Lusignan who married Louis, Duke of Savoy (same as 1. above); or through Andronikos Palaiologos, Emperor of Byzantium d 1341. All other lines of descent having died out. Many lines died out, some lines that did not were from Andronikos through: Thomas Palaiologos, Prince of Achaia (d 1465) or Honore Grimali, Baron of Bueil (d 1537) or Agostino Fregoso (d 1486) down to either the Marquis de Sade, or through the Princes of Monaco.
      5. Amaury, died age five
      6. Melisende married Boemund, Prince of Antioch. The line died out completely in the next generation
    2. Helvis
    3. Marquerite
    4. Jean.

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