James Ivey and Lydia

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James Ivey and Lydia

James Ivey was born 15 Feb 1814 in Tennessee. Sometime between 1831 and 1837, in Tennessee or in Missouri he married Lydia UnknownSurname, who had been born 18 Feb 1812 in Tennessee.

First Generation

James and Lydia had six known children:

  1. William Riley Ivey, born 7 May 1838 in Missouri.
  2. Joseph G Ivey, born 11 Apr 1841
  3. Mary C Ivey, born 1844
  4. Tennessee V Ivey, born 8 May 1847
  5. James Washington Ivey, born Apr 1849, who died Jul 1851.
  6. Sarah J Ivey, born 1852

Second Generation

William Riley Ivey was born 7 May 1838 in Missouri, but by 1845 the family had moved to Franklin County, Arkansas where his father James appears on the Tax Rolls that year. On 28 Aug 1856, William married Mary Frances Snodgrass (1839-76), daughter of Isaac Snodgrass and they had ten children. Of their male children, only James married and he is not known to have had any children.

Joseph G Ivey was born 11 Apr 1841 in Arkansas. On 2 Feb 1868 he married Susan M Anthony in Franklin County, Arkansas. Joseph died 12 May 1873 in Franklin County and is known to have had only one surviving child Flora Ivey on 14 Jul 1871.

Tennessee V Ivey was born 8 May 1847 in Franklin County, Arkansas. On 3 Dec 1868 in Franklin County he married Martha J Flowers and they are known to have had one child Green B Ivey born 1869/70, about whom nothing more is known. Tennessee died 26 Feb 1873 in Franklin County.

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