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Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales, founder or co-founder of Wikipedia

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Jimmy Donal Wales

Jimmy Donal Wales was born Aug 1966, in Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama, the son of Jimmy Don Wales, a sometimes grocery-store manager and his wife Doris Ann Dudley, a schoolteacher.

Jimmy married firstly to Pam somebody, a fellow grocery-store employee (see here), at age 20, in his native Alabama. "From 1994-2000, after taking his PhD, Wales served as research director at Chicago Options Associates, a futures and options trader" (see here). In 1996, he along with Tim Shell started an internet company called Bomis, which has a Wikipedia entry here.

Jimmy (Jr) married secondly on 24 Mar 1997 in Monroe County, Florida to Christine Anne Rohan. They have a daughter Kira.

On Wikiquotes here , Jimmy is interviewed about Ayn Rand

Wales: Yes. So Ayn Rand is the — she wrote Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead, as is viewed by many as, you know, something of the founder of the libertarian strain of thought in the U.S. She would have rejected quite rightly, I think, the libertarian label. But I think for me one of the core things that is very applicable to my life today is the virtue of independence — is the vision, you know, if you know the idea of Howard Roark who is the architect in The Fountainhead who has a vision for what he wants to accomplish and, you know, there's some time in the book when he is frustrated in his career because people don't want to build the type of buildings he wants to build. And he's given a choice, a difficult choice, to compromise his integrity or to essentially go out of business. And he has to go and take a job working in a quarry. And for me that model has a lot of — a lot of resonance for me. You know when I think about what I'm doing — what I'm doing and the way I'm doing it is more important to me than any amount of money or anything like that because it's my artistic work.

Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger co-founded Wikipedia, a nonprofit. Several years later, Jimmy founded the for-profit company Wikia. Wikipedia here is called the "eighth most-visited web site in the world."

Jimmy was involved in a relationship with writer and "political pundit" Rachel Marsden while he was still married but separated from his wife Christine. WMagazine reports that he broke up with her "via an announcement on his Wikipedia user page" (see here).

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Jimmy Don Wales

Jimmy Don Wales, a sometimes grocery-store manager, married Dec 1963 in Madison County, Alabama to Doris Ann Dudley (born 1942).

He may be that Jimmy Don Wales born 26 May 1934, who died 17 May 2007 in Pell City, St Clair County, Alabama.

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  • Social Security Death Index : "Jimmy D. Wales; Last Residence: Pell City, Saint Clair [County], Alabama; Born 26 May 1934; Died 17 May 2007; SSN issued by Alabama (Before 1951)"
  • "Registered Voters List", Madison County Alabama : "...Doris Dudley Wales, Glenda Owen Wales, Jimmy Don Wales, Karen Rhea Wales, Steven Wallace Wales..."

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Doris Ann Dudley

Doris Ann Dudley (b 1942) married Jimmy Don Wales in 1963. For some years, she was a school teacher and her son Jimmy attended the one-room schoolhouse in which she taught, until he was in the eighth grade. Also running that school was Jimmy's grandmother Erma (see here), but it's not clear if she was his mother's mother or his father's.

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  • U.S. Public Records Index showing : "Jimmy D Wales, Doris A Wales (born 1942), living in Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama"

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