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Kenneth G Hodge, first known live-in lover of the movie star Rock Hudson

Rock Hudson, at that time still going by his name Roy Fitzgerald, was discharged from the U.S. Navy in 1946 and decided to go to California because his father, was living in Long Beach. He found a job driving for Budget Pack. In Long Beach, for the first time, he met men who were open about being gay. One of these was Kenneth G Hodge. "...Ken Hodge had worked in radio for many years, producing Lux Radio Theatre. Ken was thirty-six and Roy was twenty-one...he lived in a the Chateau Marmont, a building owned by his Aunt Bernadette." (My Story, p 43)

Roy and Kenneth met in the Summer of 1947, together they left Long Beach and moved to Hollywood where they shared a bungalow in the hills. Kenneth worked his contacts and threw parties to introduce his protege. At one of these, Roy met Henry Willson. Without Ken's knowledge, Roy contacted Willson, they signed a contract and Willson became his agent. A short time later, Kenneth moved back to Long Beach, alone. Davidson reports that "..Roy's first check, made out to "Roy FitzGerald" from Vanguard Films of Culver City is endorsed on the back "Roy FitzGerald, Pay to the Order of Rock Hudson, Kenneth G Hodge"

Primary documentation

  • California Birth Index here showing : "Kenneth G Hodge, born 9 Aug 1914, San Bernardino County, mother's maiden name Bedford"
  • 1920 Census of Colton, San Bernardino County, California

Secondary sources

  • Rock Hudson, His Story, by Rock Hudson and Sara Davidson; William Morrow and Company, New York. 1986 ISBN 0688064728 Buy it at Amazon
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