Lovely County, Arkansas

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A now-defunct county which existed from 1827 to 1828. It was created by the Arkansas Territorial Legislature and disbanded by the Federal Government. Lying mostly in present-day Oklahoma, a small part of it extended into the Northwest corner of present-day Arkansas.

The creation of this county, the subsequent outcry of the Indians in the area that their land was being taken and the follow-up exchange of the Cherokee Tract (in present-day Franklin County, Arkansas) in 1828 for lands further west, is was spurred the Federal government to finally established the western boundary for Arkansas where it still is today. Before that the western boundary was loosely defined and open to interpretation.

Further reading

"The Settlers of Lovely County and Miller County, Arkansas Territory 1820-1830" Compiled by Melinda Blanchard Crawford and Don L Crawford Picton Press, Rockport, Maine. ISBN 0897254805

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