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My website countyhistorian per [ this search] now gets 2110 [[Goog]]s !
My website countyhistorian per [ this search] now gets 2110 [[Goog]]s !
[[Wholinks Who links to me?]]
[[Wholinks|Who links to me?]]

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Welcome to RoyalWeb hosted by If you came here by another long-URL route, you can also come here with the short URL's: or

Royalweb is a wiki edited by Will Johnson, Professional Genealogist. A wiki is a site where anyone can edit the information, and see their changes appear immediately (with certain restrictions). Due to vandalism, I require you to create a user-id. The software remembers your password, but I have no access to that information, which is encrypted anyway. So don't ask me how to recover your password if you forget it!

This wiki is designed to link all persons through genealogical connections, to Royalty. It developed from my initial project to link all persons to Richard Cecil. Although I started and maintain this site, you are free to add or correct whatever you can, either directly, or by emailing me with your suggestions.

SourcesA list of my favorite genealogical investigation tools
Current eventsSome articles I've been working on
All PagesThe full index of All Pages
Popular PagesList of the most Popular Pages in Order of Popularity].

My website countyhistorian per this search now gets 2110 Googs !

Who links to me?

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