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(Escort admission)
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==Escort admission==
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Alan Colmes on his [ radio program] in March, 2007, interviewed Matt and on that show Matt admits having been a male prostitute:
*Alan: Tell us what happened. First of all, a number of years ago... and how many years ago was it? You did gay porn?
*Matt: It was fifteen years ago and it just wasn't gay porn, by the way.  But it was fifteen years ago.
*Alan: What else was it?
*Matt: It was more than that, but it was porn.
*Alan: Did you work as a male prostitute.
*Matt: That as well. Yes
*Alan: You were a male prostitute?
*Matt: Yes, this is one of the worst periods in my life.
:(The above excerpt was transcribed by me, Will Johnson, from an original audio tape of the show.) You can listen to six minutes of this show [ here].
On his wikicu page they first scooped that his face shot from his blog and the body shot from the leather.html page of his old website fit together perfectly (see [ here]). [ Here], off his facercise page, is yet another picture from his "leather" photo session.  Notice the leather strap over one shoulder, matching the leather strap shown on the leather.html page of his escort website.  More evidence that Matt Sanchez and are the same person [ here].
==Escort proof==
==Escort proof==

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Matthew A "Matt" Sanchez, (aka Cpl Matt Sanchez, aka Matt Sanchez, aka Matthew Ayala Sanchez) born Dec 1, 1970 in San Jose, Santa Clara County, California. A recently controversial person who while being honored with the Conservative Political Action Conference's Jeanne Kirkpatrick Award, was also revealed to have been:

  • from 1992 to 1999, an actor in several gay porn films,
  • until at least 2001, the owner of a website called, advertising his prostitution services,
  • and at least until Nov, 2004 a masseur, advertising exclusively in gay publications.

Matt can be reached at

Special thanks to radio talk-show host Alan Colmes, the editors at, and journalist Charles Wilson who owns the CplSanchez.Info website, and who kept on top of this story, and gave me much needed material.

Copyright 2007-2008, Will Johnson,, Professional Genealogist, All Rights Reserved. This page is locked, if you'd like to add or correct anything, please email me. I am available for hire to assist you to trace your family or create a biography of you or your relative. I charge $25 per hour.

If you enjoy the research done here, consider making a financial contribution to keep research like this going.

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Escort proof

His escort page stated that when he is in New York he is on the mid-West side. Checking Ancestry's U.S. Public Records Index I was quite surprised to find that record id 524350950 (sinced purged by Ancestry) stated "Matthew Ayala Sanchez born 1 Dec 1970 address 331 West 57th St, [Suite] #363".

The full description of what the "U.S. Public Records database" is exactly is here. This is a database put together by gleaned from "various public records" etc as you can see from their blurb.

Ancestry is no longer showing this page, but I copied the contents before it was purged:

Name: Matthew Ayala Sanchez
Birth Date: 1 Dec 1970 Street address: 331 West 57th St 363
City: New York County: New York State: New York Zip Code: 10019 Phone Number: 718

This database has no date, and merely redates the records based on the birthdate of the person listed, so it's impossible to tell from this, exactly when he had that address or if he still does. This search shows that it must be an office building. I suspect that the "public record" this was created from is probably some sort of DBA filing, but I'm not really sure. Something like that could be used to receive checks without revealing his true name to his clients. The editors at has pieced together some pictorial evidence here. is a service that provides information about websites. They have details about which you can view here. Note the physical address of the website 331 W 57th St, #363 which is identical to Matthew Ayala Sanchez's physical office address provided by the US Public Records database above. See the screen-shots showing the address here and here.

In a thread at, in April 2001, some guys were discussing "The Best of NYC Tops". (That is, they are looking to hire an escort who will fuck them.) In post #9265, user Traveller states "The ones I've hired more than one...Matt Excellent Top". Then in post #9267, User newacctevrytime states "These three are big & natural... Matt (Excellent Top)". In post #9268, user slimandtight states "Matt (excellent-top) aka Rod Majors (yes, the one in the videos) is recommended. He has it and knows how to use it."

In Post #9269, user Curious2000 asks "Where does one find Matt/excellent top (aka Rod Majors) to contact him?" To which, in post #9270, User Justice replies "I just did a search ... here is a link... _" (Note: this site has since become just a top-level jump page, not related to pornography.)

Escort addendum

Post 1108 starts a thread devoted just to him, begun March 15, 2000 stating "He's in San Francisco until March 23", and "Listen to his voice on his website."

In Post 1298 posted on Apr 5, 2000 they again mention "Matt" stating "He wrestled in high school".

In Post 3768 posted on June 26, 2000 they again mention "Matt's Excellent Top website" with a link.

Post 4912, posted on Aug 28, 2000 mentions that "Matt ... is in SF till Sept 7 (as posted under Escort Travels)".

In Post 8747, posted on Apr 9, 2001 someone asks if the "No Regrets Massage" ad is Rod Majors.

On 21 May 2001, Matt himself reponds to a thread here citing his website and phone number in his response.

Post 12696, Sep 26, 2001 "...Matt is very aggressive and knows how to push all the buttons (or mine at least)."

Post 14809, Sep 21, 2001 "...Matt (Excellent Top) is VERY muscular, hung, and dominant. He sounds like exactly who you want. He's aggressive but not an a**hole."

Post 21169, Feb 28, 2002 "...Matt, Excellent Top (reviewed here and on rentboy)"

Post 23071, Apr 29, 2002 "Matt, the so-called Excellent Top has a great body to be sure, but his ueber-arrogant attitude was a turn-off to me. And although he did use a few techniques I liked, I found him overall to be more obnoxious than sexy. It started with him arriving an hour late and not even mentioning the fact when he finally did show up. What class."

Post 23063, May 1, 2002 "Matt (Excellent-Top) is hung, very hunky and a great top. His personality is fine by me but might put some guys off. I feel my sessions with him have been a bit short." The same site also mentions that Matt travelled frequently between New York, California and Florida. It also mentions his interview with KB and that in that interview it said he was a graphic designer.


In this article in the Military Times, it is stated that Sanchez joined the Marine Corps on May 14, 2003 at the age of 32, and is a refrigeration mechanic. He is currently on Individual Ready Reserve, which holds the stipulations that he receive no pay or benefits and is not obligated to drill, conduct annual training, or participate in any military activities until activated by Presidential Reserve Callup Authority.(See the Wikipedia article on Individual Ready Reserve) While in the Marines, he was a part of HQ COMPANY 6TH COMM BN 4TH MARDIV, also known as 6th Comm; they are based out of Floyd Bennet Field in Brooklyn, NY. After a stint with 6th Comm, Sanchez took a position at the New York Public Affairs Office of the Marine Corps.

Sanchez has stated that he had made it known to the Marine Corps upon enlisting that he had engaged in homosexual activity and had worked as a gay prostitute, and that the Marine Corps allowed him to enlist with that knowledge. (This claim, copied here from Wikicu, needs to be properly sourced.)

According to the Marine Corps Times, Sanchez's stint with the 6th Communications Battalion was short lived; he transfered to IRR status 11 days prior to reaching the 2 year mark. "Typical Reserve enlistment contracts are eight years, with six spent drilling with a Reserve unit and two in the IRR. Sanchez said he was transferred to non-drilling status early because of a medical problem." The Marine Corps Mobilization Command is currently investigating Sanchez, with regards to the Uniform Code of Military Justice and section 654 of U.S. Code Title 10[1][2]. Sanchez's blog "Cpl. Matt Sanchez" has recently been renamed "Matt Sanchez".

According to this interview with Martha Zoller, Sanchez has stated that he will be deployed as an embedded civil affairs reporter in May of 2007. According to a message posted here on Mar 19, 2007 the Martha Zoller interview was broadcast that day.


On that March, 2007 Alan Colmes show, Alan claimed that he had an ad from the New York Blade from "November, 19, 2004" showing that Matt was still advertising as a masseur at that time. At one point in that show, Matt responds with "Well I am a licensed massage therapist." Here is the site run by the New York State, Office of the Professions on which you can search for "Massage Therapist" licenses in New York. A search for Sanchez does not reveal anyone named Matthew, Matt, or Mateo.

NOTE: the below paragraph was writen some time ago. Since that time, the New York Blade for reasons best known to themselves has either moved or removed the tearsheets from their website. However the links I provide *were* all functional at one time.

The New York Blade at one time happened to have an online version of their entire run of 2004, which you could find from their advanced search engine here. I checked the Nov 19, 2004 issue on the page near the back cover, which you may view here, where masseur/escorts with pictures are typically advertised, but none of the phone numbers there match the phone number listed on his escort webpage. However correspondent's have pointed out to me that Matt has acknowledged that the picture for "No Regrets Massage" is a picture of him. Here is the ad from Nov 12, 2004, Nov 5, 2004, Oct 29, 2004, Oct 22, 2004. Note that in the ad on Oct 22, the picture is different from the picture later that year. Here is the page from Jul 30, 2004, Jul 2, 2004 and Jun 25, 2004. The issue just prior on Jun 18, 2004 does not have this ad. (These tearsheets as of August 2007, appear to be defunct pages for some reason.)

A March 2007 post to a message board here states that "I'm sure I've seen Mateo's ad... in the back of HX or Next within the past year."

Recent life

Matt has reviewed some books on Amazon under two seperate profiles. His first profile, which I retrieved on March 28, 2007 from here states his nickname as Mateo70, his location as "New York, NY" and his birthday as "12/1". He also invites readers to "... check out my Facercise site:"

Under this profile he reviewed five books:

  • On Dec 25, 1999 he reviewed Building the Classic Physique: The Natural Way, by Steve Reeves
  • On Apr 24, 2000 he reviewed Facercise, by Carole Maggio where he signs the review "Matthew A. Sanchez"
  • On Aug 11, 2000 he again reviews Facercise, this time signing himself as ""
  • On March 24, 2001 he again reviews Facercise, this time signing himself as "Matt Sanchez"
  • On June 20, 2005 he reviewed Radical Son, by David Horowitz.

A fascinating new development has emerged. I guess Matt's good reviews of facercise paid off. See post #266 here by Xenophile, which claims that Matt's picture appears on an alternate edition geared toward men. This edition of the book, which is called "Facebuilder for Men" (published July 2002) is here at Amazon. On the left under "Sections" find the link for "Back Cover" and click it to see Matt's before and after pictures prominently displayed there. Search inside this book for "Sanchez" and you will see it's dedicated to him and a few others, although he is listed there first. You may need to sign in to Amazon to view the dedication page here where it says "This book is dedicated to Matthew Sanchez, whose determination and dedication to facial improvement have been a major inspiration to me. I am grateful for his vision, support and encouragement." It then mentions about five or six more people.

His interest in Ann Coulter goes back at least to 2004. You can see a comment he posted here, with another new email address

The bellatlantic email address was evidently never used as a google search only turns up the Amazon review above.

Within a year he had created another profile here where

  • In June, 2006 he reviewed a book by Ann Coulter.
  • And in Nov 2006 here a book by Jay Kopelman.

In June, 2006 he also joined the Slingbox community, but only posted a few comments and hasn't returned.

Matt states that "In September 2005, I wrote a column for the campus newspaper that blasted the anti-military bias among my fellow students at Columbia University." Following up on that, he filed a discrimination lawsuit against Columbia and was invited on "The O'Reilly Factor" and "Hannity and Colmes" as a result of that.[3]

An article from Jan 25, 2006 in the Columbia Spectator states that in the Fall [of 2005] Matt got into an argument "...with several members of the International Socialist Organization and later filed a harassment complaint against the three students." One of those students, Zach Zill, wrote an op-ed on Jan 27, 2006.

On Dec 4, 2006, Matt wrote an article for the New York Post, which at the end states "Matt Sanchez is a corporal in the U.S. Marines (Reserve) and a junior at Columbia."

About this time, he joined and his profile there states "Matt Sanchez, Marine Corps Reservist (drilling), E-4, Corporal. Resides in New York. Unit Affilitations: 6th Communications Battalion, Active Duty 2004-5". Evidently this refers to that 6th Communications Battalion which has its Headquarters in Brooklyn, New York.

Matt has his own blog which has an entry as old as Dec 7, 2006 and as recently as 16 May 2008 and where he specifies his email address as He has a link on that blogsite to his profile here where he states that his occupation is Public Relations, that he has been "On Blogger Since Dec 2006"

Matt also allegedly had a profile on which is a website dedicated to gay men seeking other gay men. The person with that profile logged onto that site as recently as February 2007.

Matt is enrolled in the Columbia University School of General Studies, this is not the same as the "Ivy league" school called Columbia College. See here for more details.

In an interview with Martha Zoller he states that he "...just became partner at a marketing firm." Later in that same interview he states "I will be deployed, I will be embedding as a reporter however with a civil affairs unit."

That marketing firm was identified here as a company called "MDA".

Jeanne Kirkpatrick Award

sanchez.jpgThe New York Sun ran an article on Feb 1, 2006 reproduced here stating that "...Matthew he was verbally attacked in September 2005 for being a member of the Marine Corps."

On March 2, 2007, Matthew was presented with CPAC's Jeanne Kirkpatrick Academic Freedom Award, while at their 2007 Annual Conference, held in Washington, DC. It was quickly revealed that Matt had been a star in some gay-porn films in the past. Michelle Malkin was one of the first to comment from the right on the controversy here.

Here is another picture of Matt at CPAC 2007.

Marine Corps Investigation

On Mar 19, 2007 an article by John Hoellwarth appeared in the Marine Corps Times about the situation. A follow-up article also in the Marine Corps Times and also by John Hoellwarth appears here stating that an investigation into him will be wrapped up Mar 30, 2007.

On Sanchez's blogging website he was, about this time, no longer calling himself "Corporal" Sanchez. He now claims to not "identify as a gay man". As I have shown above, the evidence is strong of ownership of a site called excellent-top, advertising in the "masseur" section of the Gay Blade, plus the mentions of him as Matt and Rod Majors, in connection with that same site, as a prositute as late as 2004. "Excellent Top" is not the sort of phrase that would be used in the straight community, nor by a masseur; most straight-people would probably have no knowledge that a "top" is a man who fucks other men, while a "bottom" is the man getting fucked. The phrase cannot be construed in any other way than as an ad for a male prostitute for men. To date, although Matthew has claimed that he advertised his masseur services in non-gay publications, exactly when and where these ads appeared has not been forthcoming.070315_Sanchez_story.JPG

Then there is this article "Matt Sanchez Back In Action?" from May 2007.

Journalist Charles Wilson in 2008 paid for a background check on Matt, and the results are here.

Jan 2008 Update

This comment was posted on 1 Jan 2008, to the Talk page of Matt Sanchez's biography at Wikipedia:
THE LEAD ON THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER TRUE, and Mr. Sanchez's motion in the discussion forum that his page be ammended to reflect being cleared of all Marine Corps allegations is misleading at best and a lie of omission at worst. Let me explain. My name is John Hoellwarth, I wrote the articles for Marine Corps Times that are cited as sources #1 and 2 for this Wikipedia entry. But what is most important to this entry now is information I didn't get a chance to publish before starting a new job elsewhere. I'm holding in my hand a copy of Mr. Sanchez's publicly releasable personnel information, which was given to me by Marine Corps Forces Reserve in response to a Freedom of Information Act request I submitted on behalf of Marine Corps Times. The most important detail to now consider when editing this page is that Mr. Sanchez is no longer a Marine, which makes the first sentence of this wikipedia entry false. Though it is true that the allegations of wrongfully soliciting funds were found to be baseless, the Marine Corps ultimately concluded that failing to tell his recruiter about past participation in gay porn constituted an omission of fact that would have rendered him morally unqualified for military service. As a result, The Marine Corps discharged him for "fraudulant enlistment." That said, again, this wikipedia page is now flatly false. And unfortunately, I no longer work at Marine Corps Times, so I can no longer get this information published. So, I call upon you experienced wikipedia folks to help me out here and ensure accuracy prevails. What can be done? — NotebookNinja (talk • contribs) 00:56, 1 January 2008 (UTC)

It is not yet known whether the above paragraph is accurate or not.

Here is some more information that Charles Wilson has newly updated to his site.

Here is a forum post with more new information from 2008.

In an ArbCom decision from Jan 2008, Matt Sanchez has been banned for one year from editing in Wikipedia.

Another new update posted as a blog here by Good as You, linking to an audio clip of Matt talking to another guy on the telephone, and here is a transcript of that phone call.

A follow-up email exchange between Good as You and Matt Sanchez dated 21 Jan 2008. And here the guy on the other end of that phone call responds as well.


For some time Matt Sanchez has been editing his own autobiographical article at Wikipedia. While this is frowned upon, it is not prohibited provided the editor pays attention to the requirement to edit with a neutral-point-of-view and use reliable sources. However Wikipedia policy also states that we can and generally do, use whatever non-contentious statements a person makes about themselves. After many violations of the guidelines on Civility, Matt's behaviour and that of all the editors on the article has come up for review at ArbCom. After a long discussion, investigation and analysis with a bit of unexpected drama every now and then, the end result is that Matt Sanchez is blocked from editing Wikipedia for one year.

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    • "Conservatives Laud Gay Porn Star Marine"], Mar 6, 2007. Includes 84 reader comments.

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  • Forum on Matt Sanchez at Charles Wilson's site, with ongoing discussion as of 9 June 2008.
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