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Matt Sanchez, recently controversial person who while being honored with the Jeanne Kirkpatrick Award, was also revealed to have been some years previously an actor in several gay porn films, and at least up until three years ago a masseuse. He has also admitted being a male prostitute in the past. Matt can be reached at [1].

I've been recently contacted by a person who claims that Matt was escorting in 2001/2002. This contact has stated that he has evidence of that activity. On another note, on blogging website he is no longer calling himself "Corporal" Sanchez.

  • Alan: Tell us what happened. First of all, a number of years ago... and how many years ago was it? You did gay porn?
  • Matt: It was fifteen years ago and it just wasn't gay porn, by the way. But it was fifteen years ago.
  • Alan: What else was it?
  • Matt: It was more than that, but it was porn.
  • Alan: Did you work as a male prostitute.
  • Matt: That as well. Yes
  • Alan: You were a male prostitute?
  • Matt: Yes, this is one of the worst periods in my life.

External links

  • Picture of Matt during his escort days posted by blogger Mattrett. (I confirmed with Mattrett that he took this picture off Matt Sanchez's web site.)
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