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Maurice Robert "Mike" Gravel

Mike Gravel was born in Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts on May 13, 1930 to French-Canadian immigrants Alphonse Gravel and his wife Marie Bourassa. He is a former US Senator from Alaska. He was in the Alaska house of representatives 1962-66 and elected speaker in 1965. Democrat to the US Senate from Alaska 1969-81.
Back in 1971, when President Nixon's Justice Department blocked the New York Times from reporting on a classified study about government deception in the Vietnam War, then-Sen. Gravel put the study on public record by reading aloud about 4,000 pages of what came to be known as "The Pentagon Papers."

He ran again for Senate in 1980 but was defeated. He married first Rita Martin about 1958 and they divorced in 1980. He then married Whitney Stewart in 1983/4 and has two children: Martin Gravel of Colorado and Lynne Gravel Mosier of California. He also has four grandchildren.

He is running on the Democratic ticket for the US Presidential Election of 2008. His Democratic challengers are: Hillary Clinton, Christopher Dodd, John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Bill Richardson.

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