My proximity to Brad Pitt

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My Proximity to Brad Pitt

  1. William Bradley "Brad" Pitt, actor
  2. son of Jane Etta Hillhouse
  3. daughter of Clara Maurine Bell
  4. daughter of Finis Alonzo Bell
  5. son of Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Neece
  6. daughter of Hardy Holman Neece
  7. brother of Barksdale Neece
  8. husband of Sarah Eaton
  9. sister of Nancy Minerva Eaton
  10. mother of Margaret A Elizabeth "Maggie" Forrester
  11. spouse of William Thomas Crenshaw Jr
  12. son of Esther H "Easter" Wright
  13. sister of Griffin R Wright
  14. father of William Tucker Wright
  15. father of Harvey Edgar "Richard" "Dick" Wright
  16. father of Alta May Wright

great-grandmother of Will Johnson, Professional Genealogist

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