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The Susan G Komen for the Cure foundation, bowing to years of pressure from right-wing fundamentalists opposed to abortion, has pulled their funding from Planned Parenthood, for breast exams for poor women. The founder Nancy Brinker claimed in a recorded message some idiotic nonsense (my opinion) about their "true reason" for doing it, which makes no sense at all, to anyone with an IQ over 70.

The Susan G Komen for the Cure foundation must be sent a strong message that what they have done is shocking, disgusting, revolting to all decency. It scandalizes the senses, it makes Hitler looks like Mother Cabrini.

Show your support for Planned Parenthood, and boycott Susan G Komen for the Cure and its affiliates. Sign the petition here

Go to the Susan G Komen for the Cure website at this link, and express your outrage and horror at their thoughtless actions, condemning poor women to death from breast cancer. Their web site has already crashed from the overwhelming response, we have to keep flooding it until they reverse their decision.

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