Thomas Fairclough

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Thomas Fairclough (-1559) of Goldington, Bedfordshire

He married Millicent Barre. He was buried at Goldington 13 Jan 1558/9 (see post by Douglas Richardson to Gen-Med-L 12/21/06 "Re: Revisiting the marriage and death dates of Constance (Hawes) (Sheppard) Hatley")


  1. John Faircloth (Eldest son per Vis. Herts. pg 52, his children baptised at Goldington, Bedfordshire from 1572-88)
2-4 Although John is specific as the eldest son, the other three sons shown in Vis Herts : Thomas, Lawrence and Richard; are not specified as to their order. These three sons died without issue per Vis Herts.


  1. Mary Fairclough (-1631) (no daughters of Thomas are listed in Vis Herts.) married William Hasilden on 8 Dec 1572 and secondly Thomas Allen on 30 Jul 1582, both at Goldington, Bedfordshire, Mary was buried 30 Apr 1631 at Goldington.

>==Further reading== Visitation of Hertfordshire, page 52 "Fairclough"

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