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The articles of Will Johnson, wjhonson@aol.com, Professional Genealogist at Examiner.com

   * Ancestry of Lee DeWyze, American Idol winner March 17th, 2011
   * Ancestry of Brad Womack, star of Bachelor March 14th, 2011
   * Ancestry of Helena Bonham-Carter March 14th, 2011
   * Ancestry of Jodie Foster March 11th, 2011
   * The Royal Ancestry of Gavin Newsom March 2nd, 2011
   * Ancestry of Susan Wiley "Genie, Secret of the Wild Child" March 1st, 2011
   * Ancestry of Joseph Biden February 21st, 2011
   * Genealogy of Adam and Eve according to the Bible February 12th, 2011
   * Ancestry of Herbert W Armstrong February 1st, 2011
   * Ancestry of Rock Hudson January 30th, 2011
   * Ancestry of Angelina Jolie January 27th, 2011
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