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George William Arnold, Jr, (b Feb 1938), author, journalist and retired English professor

Thanks to John Brandon, and Nat Taylor who assisted in gathering some of these details.

He is not to be confused with another author, also named Bill J Arnold (born Aug 1944), who has writen at least two books "Make them happy/make them pay", and "Common Sense Success" and has an entry"Bill Arnold" on the website "World Class Speakers and Entertainers".

George William "Bill" Arnold was born Feb 1938 in St Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida. He attended the University of Massachusetts, graduating in 1964, and receiving his M.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Massachusetts (evidently in 1967 ?). He served in the USAF, stationed in Puerto Rico. He later became a college professor of English in Massachusetts and Florida, and a Copy Editor for many publications, as well as a journalist, most notably for the National Enquirer. He is now, or was at one time "Professor of English" at Palm Beach Community College. He was also possibly either on the staff of Case Western Reserve University, or they hosted the Emily Dickinson website, as this now-defunct URL affixed to the end of an old message of his from 2004 attests http://www.case.edu/affil/edis/scholars/arnold.htm While here he discusses his book on Shakespeare possible contributions to the King James bible, and cites a URL (now defunct) to an article in the Toronto Star 16 Jan 2004

Bill Arnold is currently retired and lives in West Palm Beach (or vicinity), Florida (as of 2007).


  • Emily Dickinson's Secret Love : Mystery "Master" Behind Poems, PPB Press, Lake Worth, Florida, 1998, ISBN 1892582007 OCLC 39371113
  • Jesus: The Gospel According to Will, West Palm Beach: PPB Press. 2002. First Edition. Softcover. 8vo; lxvi + 179 pages. ISBN 1892582015 OCLC 59011569
  • Lake Osborne History : A Monograph, PPB Press, West Palm Beach, Florida, 2005. (privately printed, no ISBN)

Primary Sources for 1

  • "Bill Arnold" on Emily Dickinson Org website stating : "Retired Professor of Classics, Adjunct Professor of English, Independent Scholar, Biographer, Literary Critic, Freelance Writer ... West Palm Beach, FL"
  • "Book Marks" at UMASS magazine, by Linda C Smith, Fall 2006 stating : "Bill Arnold ’64 ’67G [i.e. graduated in the Class of 64, and 67 as a Graduate student ?] is the author of three books, Emily Dickinson’s Secret Love: Mystery “Master” Behind Poems; Jesus: The Gospel According to Will: Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done, and Lake Osborne History. He lives in West Palm Beach, Florida.
  • The Coastal Observer (Lake Worth, Florida), 31 Mar 2005 "Arnold Still Setting Record Straight", by Leonard Saffir : "...Bill Arnold of Lake Worth...now 66....This self-described writer, poet, author, journalist, reported, researcher, stringer, photographer, scholar, free lance writer and teacher of English comp at assorted learning institutions... Arnold bought his lakeside home in 1990.... Arnold was born in 1938 in St Petersburg....He was a professor of English at Amherst and Palm Beach Community College.... From 1983-89 he was a reporter-freelancer for the National Enquirer, when it was headquarterd in Lantana." [includes a picture of Bill Arnold]
  • 1930 Census of St Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida showing : "George E Arnold 44, Mattie A 37; Thomas E 19; George W 14"
  • Social Security Death Index showing : "George Arnold, born 27 Mar 1916, died Nov 1982, issued by Indiana, last residence Saint Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida"
  • Florida Death Index, 1877-1998 showing : "George M Arnold, died 18 Nov 1982, Pinellas County, born 27 Mar 1916"
  • POSSIBLY the same person as Florida Marriage Collection showing : "George W Arnold married Mildred O'Neill, 1937, Pinellas County"
  • Social Security Death Index showing : "William Arnold, born 23 Aug 1886, died Mar 1969, last residence Saint Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida"
  • Florida Death Index, 1877-1998 showing : "William George Arnold, died Mar 1969, Pinellas County, Florida"

Further reading

  • A posting by Bill on Shaksper.net where he speaks about his book
  • A posting by Bill about his theories about Sunspot cycles
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