William Clark White

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'''William Clark White''' (1820-1864)
'''William Clark White''' (1820-1864)

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William Clark White (1820-1864)

William was born Aug 8, 1820 in Lincoln County, Tennessee, the son of William White (1755-1833) and his wife Elizabeth (1775-1852). He married first to Mary M "Polly" Nixon (~1820-1841/3) on Dec 12, 1839 in Lincoln County, Tennessee. They had one child Elizabeth Ann "Lizzie" White on Mar 1, 1840. William married secondly to Elizabeth K "Eliza" Wilkerson (1823-1894) on Mar 20, 1843 in Lincoln County, Tennessee. They had ten children. Eliza Wilkerson was the daughter of Lewis Wilkerson by his wife Isabella Eakins.

William died Dec 24, 1864 in Giles County, Tennessee.

Primary documentation

  • Case before the court of claims 1871 transcribed here

Secondary sources

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