William Clark White

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William Clark White (1820-1864)

William was born Aug 8, 1820 in Lincoln County, Tennessee, the son of William White (1755-1833) and his wife Elizabeth (1775-1852). He married first to Mary M "Polly" Nixon (~1820-1841/3) on Dec 12, 1839 in Lincoln County, Tennessee. They had one child Elizabeth Ann "Lizzie" White on Mar 1, 1840. William married secondly to Elizabeth K "Eliza" Wilkerson (1823-1894) on Mar 20, 1843 in Lincoln County, Tennessee. They had ten children. Eliza Wilkerson was the daughter of Lewis Wilkerson by his wife Isabella Eakins.

Primary documentation

  • Case before the court of claims 1871 transcribed here

Secondary sources

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