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##John Sterling Rockefeller m May 7, 1931 to Paula Watjen
##John Sterling Rockefeller m May 7, 1931 to Paula Watjen
###Christina Rockefeller
###Christina Rockefeller
###Paula Rockefeller
##Almira Rockefeller m M Roy Jackson
##Almira Rockefeller m M Roy Jackson
###Macroy Jackson
###Macroy Jackson

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William Rockefeller, (1841-1922)

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[edit] William Rockefeller

William Rockefeller was born in 1841 in New York.

He married Almira Geraldine Goodsell.

William G Rockefeller, died Jun 24, 1922 at his home in Tarrytown, New York, at the age of 81. His four living children at that time were: Percy A, William G, Mrs Marcellus Hartley Dodge, and Mrs D Hunter McAlpin.

[edit] Children

  1. Lewis Edward Rockefeller (1865–1866)
  2. Emma Rockefeller McAlpin (1868–1934) married in 1895 to Dr David Hunter McAlpin (1862-1934)
  3. William Goodsell Rockefeller (1870–1922)
  4. John Davison Rockefeller (1872–1877)
  5. Percy Avery Rockefeller (1878–1934) m Isabel Stillman d. 1935
  6. Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge (1882–1973) married Marcellus Hartley Dodge

[edit] Descendents

  1. Lewis Edward Rockefeller (1865–1866)
  2. Emma Rockefeller McAlpin (1868–1934) married Dr. David Hunter McAlpin
    1. David Hunter McAlpin, Jr married in 1924 to Nina Underwood
      1. Lorna Underwood McAlpin
      2. David H McAlpin, III
      3. Esther Mead McAlpin
    2. Geraldine McAlpin married in 1934 to Jerome Pierce Webster
      1. Geraldine McAlpin Webster
    3. William Rockefeller McAlpin
      1. Sylvia Angell McAlpin
      2. William R McAlpin, Jr.
    4. Elaine McAlpin married in 1931 to Henry Clinch Tate
      1. Diane Tate
      2. Gabrielle Tate
  3. William Goodsell Rockefeller (1870–1922)
    1. William A Rockefeller
      1. William Rockefeller
      2. Frederic Lincoln Rockefeller
      3. Elsie Rockefeller
    2. Godfred S Rockefeller
      1. Godfrey Anderson Rockefeller
      2. Marion Rockefeller
      3. Audrey Rockefeller
      4. Lucy Ann Rockefeller
      5. Peter Rockefeller
    3. S J Rockefeller Stillman
      1. J Stillman Jr
      2. Nancy Stillman
      3. Andrew Stillman
      4. Georgia Stillman
    4. John Sterling Rockefeller m May 7, 1931 to Paula Watjen
      1. Christina Rockefeller
      2. Paula Rockefeller
    5. Almira Rockefeller m M Roy Jackson
      1. Macroy Jackson
  4. John Davison Rockefeller (1872–1877)
  5. Percy Avery Rockefeller (1878–1934) m Isabel Stillman d. 1935
    1. Isabel Rockefeller Lincoln m Frederick W Lincoln, Jr.
      1. Isabel Lincoln
      2. Calista Lincoln
    2. Avery Rockefeller (1903/4-1986) m 1923 Anna Griffith Mark (1906-96)
      1. Avery Rockefeller Jr b Aug 30, 1924 d before his father
      2. Isabel Ann Rockefeller b Oct 12, 1926
      3. Anna Mark Rockefeller m Elliman
        1. Ted Elliman
        2. Mary Elliman m Runestad
        3. David Elliman
      4. Joan Rockefeller m McAlpin
    3. Winifred Rockefeller m Dec 15, 1928 to Brooks Emeny
      1. Elizabeth Brooks Emeny
      2. Faith Rockefeller Emeny
    4. Faith Rockefeller (may not have married, called "Miss Faith of Greenwich" in 1937)
    5. Gladys Rockefeller (d aft May 1986) married Sep 2, 1937 Dudley Underhill
  6. Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge (1882–1973) married Marcellus Hartley Dodge
    1. a son (d. 1930), unmarried

An article in the New York Times, Aug 5, 1937 in speaking about a trust left by William Rockefeller to his born and not yet born great-grandchildren states "...at present there are 28 great-grandchildren." And then goes on to name Mrs Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge, only surviving child, no descendents. William G Rockefeller the son who died in 1923, five children: William A, Godfred, S J Stillman, J Sterling and Almira Rockefeller (now Mrs Jackson). The son Percy A Rockefeller who died in 1934, five children: Mrs Isabel Rockefeller Lincoln, Avery Rockfeller, Winifred Rockefeller Emeny and Miss Faith and Miss Gladys Rockefeller. The daughter Emma Rockefeller McAlpin who died in 1934, four children: David H McAlpin Jr, Mrs Geraldine McAlpin Webster, William Rockefeller McAlpin and Mrs Elaine McAlpin Tate.

The article then names the 28 great-grandchildren: William Rockefeller and Frederic Lincoln Rockefeller, and Elsie children of William A Rockefeller; Godfrey Anderson, Marion, Audrey, Lucy Ann and Peter children of Godfred S Rockefeller; J Stillman Jr, Nancy, Andrew and Georgia children of J Stillman Rockefeller; Christina daughter of J Sterling Rockfeller; Macroy Jackson son of Mrs Almira Rockfeller Jackson; Isabel and Calista daughters of Mrs Isabel Rockefeller Lincoln; Avery Jr, Isabel, Ann and Joan, children of Avery Rockefeller Lincoln; Faith daughter of Mrs Winifred Rockfeller Emeny; Lorna Underwood, David H Jr, and Esther Mead children of David H McAlpin; Geraldine McA daughter of Geraldine McA Webster; Sylvia Angell, William R Jr children of William R McAlpin; Diane and Gabrielle children of Elaine McA Tate.

[edit] Sources

  • New York Times, Jun 25-30, 1922, Obit of William G Rockefeller, age 81, names his four surviving children as above.
  • New York Times, Dec 16, 1928, pg N7 "Miss Rockefeller bride of B. Emeny"
  • New York Times, May 8, 1931, pg 29 "Miss Watjen Bride of J S Rockefeller"
  • New York Times, Aug 5, 1937, page 1 "Estate of William Rockefeller Increasing $1,000,000 a Year"
  • New York Times, Sep 2, 1937, page 18 "Miss Rockefeller Weds in Baltimore" "[Gladys] daughter of Percy, Bride of Dudley Underhill"

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