William Reeves and Susan Hunter

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William Reeves and Susan Hunter

Copyright 2007, Will Johnson, wjhonson@aol.com, Professional Genealogist, All Rights Reserved. This page is locked. If you'd like to comment on it, please email me.


The names of this couple "William Reeves and Susan Hunter" come from a Dawes' application, by their grandson Larkin C "Lake" Wilson dated 1896/8. Susan Hunter is there stated to be a full-blood Cherokee. According to this application, Susan Hunter came from "... Cherokee Nation East of the Mississippi." If the remainder of my speculation here is accurate, their marriage must have taken place in what is today North Carolina and probably between 1780 and 1793. I've below applied various "Reeves" children to this couple, the earliest child I've applied to them so far is that James who was born Feb 1794 in North Carolina (see below).

The following list of children is the hypothesis of me, Will Johnson. It is not a proven list, there isn't even good evidence for some of it. It is just speculation due to reading various Hempstead County documents, and should be presented as such with a LINK back to this page. This information is copyright by me, you are free to post it, provided you link back to this page. Otherwise you are violating my copyright.

William Reeves and Susan Hunter

One interesting thing about this family is the continuous preference for the name Clarinda "Clara". This name is repeated for several generations right up to the present day in the descendents. President Bill Clinton is a descendent of this couple, through their daughter Jane Reaves who married John B Wilson. This link is shown on "William Addams Reitweisner's "Ancestry of Bill Clinton" as ancestors #122 and #123.

  1. James Reaves born 11 Feb 1794 North Carolina, married Susan Heath of Kentucky, possibly in Illinois, or more probably in Missouri or Arkansas and had at least or exactly six children all in Hempstead County, Arkansas; Susan possibly had recently lived in Illinois; James' birthdate comes from Tree #0643, World Family Tree Vol. 19, Ed. 1; it is not yet known by me what the original underlying primary source for that birthdate is; James Reaves is in Hempstead County, AR by 1830; "James Reves" and his wife Susana appear here in the 1850 Census of Hempstead County, AR;
  2. Jane Reaves born 16 Apr 1799 Christian County, Kentucky; on 14 Nov 1816, in Missouri married John B Wilson of Kentucky; had exactly or at least 12 children all in Hempstead County, Arkansas; this marriage date comes from a letter writen in 1950 from "Uncle Jack Wilson to Uncle Wade Wilson" (see link below); One of their children was Larkin C "Lake" Wilson who in 1896/8 applied to the Dawes' Commission to be accepted as a member of the Cherokee Nation;
  3. Henry Reaves born 1804 in Kentucky, married an unknown woman and had at least two children George born unknown, and Henry born 1837 AR; In 1859 this son, Henry Jr, married his cousin Rebecca Reeves in Hempstead County, Arkansas;
  4. Rebecca Reaves born 1807 in Kentucky (age 43 KY, 1850 Census), married first, as "Rebeccca Reeves" to Charles Bell 16 Jul 1826 in Hempstead County, Arkansas (AMR, Morgan) by whom one surviving child Alexander 1829; she married secondly Charles Miller 3 Nov 1849 Hempstead County (AM, ancestry); In 1850 she is living in Hempstead County, AR here with her much younger second husband;
  5. Green B Reaves born 8 Jan 1809 Kentucky; married [Sarah?] Jane Johnson of Illinois by 1827; had a daughter Leanah born in Hempstead County, Arkansas in 1828; "Green Reeves" appears on the Tax list of Hempstead County for 1828 and 1829; moved to Coahuila y Texas, Republic of Mexico by 1831; In 1850 he appears in Sabine Parish, Louisiana;
  6. Clarinda "Clara" Reaves born abt 1809/10 Kentucky; married Jesse Knox and at least one child Susan Knox born 1827 Hempstead County; In 1850 Clara is living here in Hempstead County, AR with her sister Rebecca et al.

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