William Reeves and Susan Hunter

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William Reeves and Susan Hunter

Copyright 2007, Will Johnson, wjhonson@aol.com, Professional Genealogist, All Rights Reserved. This page is locked. If you'd like to comment on it, please email me.

The names of this couple come from an affidavit. We really don't have anything firm on that yet. I'm going to present *evidence* of their connections. Do not cite my page as gospel, it is speculation that the family people are all related.

As has been passed to me, this affidavit is merely called "Affidavit by H W Reaves, John P Reaves and Daniel A Grounds from the records of the Cherokee Nation." I do not have a date, a place, or anything else about it. I don't even know yet who these three men are or where they fit in the descendents of the alleged William Reeves and Susan Hunter, or even if they do fit.

According to this affidavit, William Reeves and Susan Hunter were married "...in Cherokee Nation East of the Mississippi." It the remainder of my narrative here is accurate, this marriage must have taken place in what is today North Carolina and probably between 1780 and 1793. The earliest child I've applied to them so far is that James who was born Feb 1794 in North Carolina (see below).

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