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=Part 10=
=Part 10=
At time 0:10 is cut:
WIZARD  I could have been a world
figure, a power among men, a - a successful
wizard, had I not been obstructed by a heart.

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Using this script. I'll be listing below all the differences between this script and the broadcast movie.

This article written and copyright 2008 by Will Johnson, freelance biographer and professional genealogist. This page is locked, if you'd like to comment on it, you may email me at wjhonson@aol.com


Part 1

At time 3:06 this exchange is cut:

UNCLE HENRY Poor little orphan, and her Miss Gulch troubles. Gosh all hemlock - you know, she ought to have somebody to play with.

AUNT EM I know, but we all got to work out our own problems, Henry.


AUNT EM Oh, I hope we got them in time.


At time 3:14 this exchange is cut:

HICKORY Come on - come on - over this way.

ZEKE Okay.

At time 3:47 this exchange is cut:

MLS - Int. Barn - Hickory working on wind machine - straightens up - reacts - Dorothy comes forward - CAMERA TRUCKS forward as Hickory goes to her - he speaks to her - turns motor of wind machine on - they watch it - oil spurts out into Hickory's face - he reacts - Dorothy exit left -

HICKORY Oh! Oh, it feels like my joints are rusted. Listen, Dorothy, don't let Hunk kid you about Miss Gulch. She's just a poor sour-faced old maid that -- she ain't got no heart left. You know, you should have a little more heart yourself, and have pity on her.

DOROTHY Well, gee, I try and have a heart.

HICKORY Now look, here's something that really has a heart. This is the best invention I ever invented.


HICKORY Sure. It's to break up winds, so we don't have no more dust storms. Can you imagine what it'll mean to this section of the country? I'll show you. It works perfectly now. Here's the principle. You see that fan -- that sends up air currents into the sky. These air currents -- Oh, stop it!


HICKORY Who did it? Now wait a minute.

DOROTHY Hickory!

HICKORY Now what happened? I'll bet Hunk did that.

Part 2

At time 1:56 the below exchange has been cut:


DOROTHY Please, Professor, why can't we go along with you?

PROFESSOR o.s. Well, we -- uh --

At time 2:06 the below exchange has been cut: PROFESSOR Oh, yes - you - you wanted to go home, huh?

DOROTHY Oh, no, I wanted to go along with you.


DOROTHY Nobody cares about me at home. They wouldn't even miss me.

PROFESSOR Aw, come, come, come --

DOROTHY No, they won't - honestly.


DOROTHY Auntie Em was even going to let them kill Toto yesterday for biting Miss Gulch. Oh, please, Professor, why can't we go with you and see all the Crowned Heads of Europe?

Instead the scene picks up with just the last part of Dorothy's last speech:

DOROTHY Oh please Professor, why can't we go with you and see all the Crowned Heads of Europe?

At time 3:21 the below sentence has been cut

PROFESSOR No - it's - it's - a crowing rooster.

At time 4:07 the below exchange has been cut:

PROFESSOR Well, she's - she's going into a little bed....

CU - Dorothy - Camera shooting past Professor -

PROFESSOR ...room --

DOROTHY Has it poppies on the wall....

MCU - Professor - Camera shooting past Dorothy

DOROTHY ...paper?

PROFESSOR I said it had poppies on the wall paper! Eh -- she's -- What's this?

Instead picking up at: PROFESSOR Why, she's -- she's putting her hand on her heart -- she's -- she's dropping down on the.... bed

At time 4:30 only the beginning and ending of Dorothy's speech is included. Originally she was supposed to say:

DOROTHY ...away! Come on, Toto! Oh, what'll I do? If we go home, they'll send you to the Sheriff. And if we don't, Aunt Em may -- well, she may die! I know what I'll do - I'll give you to Hunk. He'll watch out for you. But we've got to hurry. Goodbye, Professor Marvel -- and thanks a lot!

Instead now she just says

DOROTHY ...away! Come on, Toto! Goodbye, Professor Marvel -- and thanks a lot!

At time 5:05 the below exchange has been cut:

HICKORY o.s. Right here.

UNCLE HENRY Hey, what are you doing there?

HICKORY This is my chance! The cyclone is coming. Let me show you what my machine can do! You see, it goes --

UNCLE HENRY Doggone you! Help Hunk get them horses loose!

HICKORY All right - you'll be sorry.

UNCLE HENRY Go on, hurry up! Hurry up, I tell you!

LS -- Zeke points up to sky -- Hunk and others drive horses out of barn --

ZEKE She's here -- it's a twister!

Instead now all we have left is:

Zeke It's a twister! It's a twister!

At time 5:44 this sentence has been added:

UNCLE HENRY Well [unintelligible] we can't look for her now. Come on, get in the cellar. Hurry up.

At time 6:32 the script has two "Auntie Em!"s but Dorothy actually says this three times, and also says "Uncle Henry". Then at time 6:42 she says "Auntie Em" one more time before the window frame hits her in the head.

The script directions state: "MS -- Dorothy sitting on edge of bed -- holding Toto in her arms -- the window blows loose -- hits Dorothy on the head -- she falls to floor - then gets up dazed - sits on edge of bed - Toto jumps up near her - she lies back on bed --"

But what we actually see in the broadcast is: "MS -- Dorothy standing holding Toto in her arms -- the window blows loose -- hits Dorothy on the head -- she falls onto the bed --"

At time 7:14 the below sentence has been removed

DOROTHY We're not on the ground, Toto!

Also at this point a cow and tree float through the frame twice, but in the broadcast we only see these go through once.

At time 8:39 when the house lands, the below was added


Part 3

At time 2:09 the end-part of Glinda's speech is cut:

GLINDA It's all right now - you may all come out.

At time 8:46 the below is cut:

WITCH Was it you? Answer me!

GLINDA Leave her alone!

WITCH You stay out of this! I'm here for vengeance! So it was you, was it? You killed her,....

CS -- Dorothy and Glinda -- Dorothy speaks to the Witch o.s. in f.g. --

WITCH ...didn't you?

At time 8:52 the below exclamation is cut:

DOROTHY o.s. ...Really I didn't!

At time 8:56 the beginning and ending of the witch's speech is cut off, originally she said:

WITCH Didn't mean it, eh? Accident, eh? Well, my little pretty, I can cause accidents, too -- and this is how I do it!

Instead all we have now is:

WITCH Well, my little pretty, I can cause accidents, too--

You can however at the end of "too" see her mouth still moving to the next word.

Part 4

Starting at time 1:35, added to the script several Munchkins say "Bye" and "Goodbye".

At time 6:40 this very long scene is cut

MCS - The Scarecrow seated on curb of road as Dorothy looks down at him - CAMERA PULLS back as he feels about his coat - Dorothy points to some of his straw on the road - a crow flies into the scene and lands near the straw - the Scarecrow reacts -

MCS - The Scarecrow trembles with fear as Dorothy tries to comfort him -

MCU - The crow picks up the straw and flies up --

MLS - Dorothy and the Scarecrow react as the crow flies out to left with the straw in his mouth - CAMERA BOOMS up to left as the Scarecrow rises, goes to the fence and shakes his fist at the crow flying over the cornfield in the b.g. -

MLS - The Scarecrow dances back to right along the road as the CAMERA PULLS back, PANS right with him - Dorothy rushes to him, stops him and points o.s. to left -

LS - The crow lands in the cornfield -

MCS - Dorothy and the Scarecrow looking o.s. to left - the Scarecrow reacts, assures Dorothy - then the CAMERA PULLS back as he dances forward, gains momentum and runs out to left -

LS - The Scarecrow runs to left, makes a big jump over the cornfield as the CAMERA PANS with him -

MLS - The Scarecrow jumps in from right and lands in the cornfield - several crows fly out of the corn -

MS - Dorothy runs forward to the fence, reacts as she looks o.s. to f.g. -

MS - The Scarecrow moves to right through the corn stalks - CAMERA TRUCKS right - he bends down, finds his straw and stuffs it back into his coat -

MLS - The Scarecrow runs forward, jumps into the air and flies out to right f.g. -

LS - The Scarecrow soars over the field to the road - Dorothy waves to him

MS - The Scarecrow falls into the scene as he lands on the Yellow Brick Road - CAMERA PULLS back as Dorothy rushes to him - the Scarecrow begins to dance again, doing a series of splits -

CS - Toto jumps on a pumpkin, starts it rolling out onto the Yellow Brick Road at right - CAMERA PANS right -

LS - Toto follows the pumpkin as it rolls forward down the road - CAMERA PULLS back between the Scarecrow's legs - the pumpkin hits the Scarecrow, hitting the Scarecrow up out of scene - Dorothy looks on, frightened -

LS - CAMERA PANS up with the Scarecrow as he soars up into the air -

LS - Shooting down from the Scarecrow's angle to Dorothy as she looks up o.s. -

MS - CAMERA PANS down with the Scarecrow as he falls back toward the road - exits out of shot -

MLS - The Scarecrow falls back into scene and lands on the Yellow Brick Road - he runs out to left -

MLS - CAMERA PULLS back before the Scarecrow as he dances forward, bumping into one side of fence, then bouncing from that to the fence on the other side of road, then back to the fence at left, and so on down the road - CAMERA PANS right with him as he runs forward past Dorothy and falls through a fence which breaks under his weight -

CS - The Scarecrow sits up, looks about - blinks his eyes -

CS - Dorothy reacts as she starts forward, looks o.s. to f.g. -

REVERSE ACTION shot of Scene 93 (MLS - CAMERA PULLS back before the Scarecrow as he dances forward, bumping into one side of fence, then bouncing from that to the fence on the other side of road, then back to the fence at left, and so on down the road - CAMERA PANS right with him as he runs forward past Dorothy and falls through a fence which breaks under his weight)

MLS - The Scarecrow bounces off a fence rail and starts to dance forward down the road as he sings - CAMERA PULLS back ahead of him - Dorothy enters - he sings to her - some straw falls from his coat - the Scarecrow slumps to the ground - Dorothy starts to bend down -

SCARECROW (sings) Gosh, it would be awful pleasin' To reason out the reason For things I can't explain. Then perhaps I'll deserve you, And be even worthy erv you If I only had a brain.

MLS -- Ext. Yellow Brick Road -- Dorothy rushes to the Scarecrow lying on the road -- she picks up some of his straw -- kneels by him --

CS -- Dorothy kneeling by the Scarecrow -- she speaks as she helps him put back some of the straw -- they react -- Scarecrow half-rises --

At time 8:52 added to the script is:

SECOND TREE She was hungry!

At time 9:07 part of the tree's speech is cut:

FIRST TREE What do you mean - she doesn't want any of those apples?

At time 9:12 part of the tree's speech is cut:

TREE ...Oh -- Help -- let me out. I'll give you little green....

TREE o.s. ...worms.

Part 5

At time 0:43 is added:

DOROTHY He said oil can.

At time 1:00 is cut:

DOROTHY Here -- here --

At time 1:05 is cut: DOROTHY Yes --- there.

At time 1:40 from the middle of his speech is cut:

TIN MAN -- minding my own business --

At time 5:18 is cut:

TIN MAN Emerald City? Why, that's a long and dangerous journey. And it might rain on the way.

SCARECROW But you've just been saying how much you want a heart.

DOROTHY And I'll keep the oil-can handy.

At time 5:33 (right after the witch cackles) is cut:

TIN MAN Ohh -- what's that? Oh --

At time 5:36 is cut:

WITCH Forgotten about me,....

MCS - Tin Man, Dorothy and Scarecrow react as the Witch speaks o.s. -

WITCH o.s. ...eh? Well, I haven't forgotten about you!

At time 6:01 is cut:

WITCH And as for you, my little....

MLS - Tin Man putting out the fire as Dorothy helps the Scarecrow, who is rolling about in the grass - she reacts as Witch speaks o.s. -

WITCH o.s. ...Dorothy, I wish....

MCU - Dorothy hugs Toto tightly as Witch speaks o.s. -

WITCH o.s. ...you luck with the Wizard of Oz. And a....

CS - Witch speaks to Dorothy o.s. - then laughs -

WITCH ...happy journey back to Kansas!

At time 6:31 a long exchange is cut:

TIN MAN You know -- Hmm? What's that?

MLS - Tin Man and Scarecrow sitting down - Dorothy in b.g. near tree - comes forward as Tin Man and Scarecrow rise - she speaks - reacts when she sees bee on her arm - turns around as Tin Man takes bee off her arm -

TIN MAN Oh! They're - they're gone now.

DOROTHY Oh, goodness! Did any of them sting you?

TIN MAN I - I guess they tried to, but they bent their stingers.

DOROTHY Oh, dear. I don't know what I'd do if a whole swarm kept -- Oh! Oh! Oh, there's one on me!

TIN MAN Oh - I'll get it!


CS - Scarecrow - Dorothy and Tin Man - Tin Man looks at dead bee in his hand - speaks and cries -


TIN MAN Oh, see - I killed it. Oh, I killed that poor little honey bee!


CU - Tin Man crying - speaks -

TIN MAN It's only a man without a head who could do a thing like that. Poor little bee.

CU - Dorothy reacts - reaches o.s. -

DOROTHY Oh, there....

CU - The Tin Man as Dorothy reaches in - wipes away his tears -

DOROTHY ...there. Don't cry. There.

CU - Dorothy looks o.s. - speaks -

DOROTHY As a matter of fact, that's just an old drone bee, and it would have died....

CU - Tin Man looks o.s. -

DOROTHY o.s. ...anyway.


DOROTHY o.s. You put it out of its misery.


DOROTHY o.s. It's....

CS - Scarecrow - Dorothy and Tin Man - they speak and laugh -

DOROTHY ...just that the Witch is so wicked. I don't think you two ought to come with me because you'll get into trouble.

SCARECROW Oh, you don't think we're going to stand by and let her get away with fireballs and bees, do you?

TIN MAN No, sir!


At 8:34 the following is cut:

TIN MAN And bears!

DOROTHY What sort of an animal is that?

TIN MAN It-it-it-it - it's a huge one!

SCARECROW D-d-d-don't be fr-fr-frightened. I - I'll - I'll protect you. Oh, look!

Part 6

At 1:39 the following is added:

DOROTHY Oh, well it's all right now. The Wizard will fix everyting.

LION It's been in me so long, I just got to tell ya how I feel.

DOROTHY Well, come on.

At time 3:43 the following is added:

WITCH Poppies will put them to sleep. Sleep. Now they'll sleep.

At time 5:22 the following was cut:

MCU - Lion yawns and speaks -

LION What did she -- do that for?

The images of Lion - Tin Man - Scarecrow and Dorothy in Crystal - they speak - CAMERA TRUCKS back showing Witch and Nikko standing near crystal - Witch laughs and speaks - the images fade out - Nikko exits - CAMERA TRUCKS forward on Witch -

SCARECROW Hey, Dorothy!

TIN MAN Dorothy!

LION Dorothy!

TIN MAN Dorothy! You can't sleep here! You can't sleep in the middle of a field!

WITCH (laughs) Call away! Call away! She won't hear any of you again! And there's nothing you can do about it, either. (laughs) Bring me my wishing cap! I'll call the Winged Monkeys to fetch me those slippers! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! It worked very smoothly!


MLS -- Lion -- Tin Man and Scarecrow -- Dorothy lying in poppies -- Lion starts to cry -- Scarecrow speaks -- holds the Lion up -- Lion drops as Tin Man and Scarecrow start to pick up Dorothy --

TIN MAN (crying) Oh - oh, poor Dorothy!

At time 6:44 the following was cut:

SCARECROW Yes -- there --

DOROTHY Oh -- here quick -- oh! - we'll oil him up.

MCS -- Images of Tin Man -- Dorothy -- Scarecrow and Lion in Crystal -- CAMERA TRUCKS back showing Witch and Nikko looking into Crystal -- The Witch reacts -- speaks -- the images fade from Crystal --

SCARECROW -- A hot water bottle would be good if we had one.

DOROTHY Oh, he's been crying! Why have you been --

And at this same spot, the following was added:

SCARECROW He is rusted. Here...

DOROTHY Quick. Oh.

At 7:20 is added:

VOICES On the face of the Earth or the sky.

Hold onto your breath Hold onto your heart

Hold onto your hope --

March up to the gate

And let it open --

At 7:51 is added:

VOICES You're out of the woods

You're out of the dark

You're out of the night

Step into the sun

Step into the light

March up to the gate

And bid it open --- open --- open.

Part 7

At time 2:44 is cut:

TIN MAN Can't that female take no for an answer?


CUE VOICE S-u-r-r-e-n-d-e-r- Dorothy or die! W. W. W.

And instead is added:

LION Surrender Dorothy


At time 3:02 is cut:

GUARD Here -- here -- here -- wait a minute! Wait a minute! Stop - stop - stop! It's all right!

And instead is added:

GUARD Here here, everything it's all right. Stop that now. It's just...

At time 3:32 is cut:

DOROTHY Oh, but we must!

MS - Guard - Camera past Dorothy and Group in b.g. - Guard speaks and gestures -

GUARD Orders are - not nobody! Not nohow!

MS - Dorothy and group - Camera past Guard at right -

GUARD He's in conference with himself on account of this....

CS - Guard - Camera shooting past Dorothy -

GUARD ...trouble with the Witch. And even if he wasn't you wouldn't have been able to see him anyway on account of nobody has - not even us in the Palace!

At time 3:40 is cut:

CS - Guard - Camera shooting past Dorothy -

GUARD Pardon me. We've gotta change the guards.

MS - Guard - Camera shooting past Dorothy and Group - CAMERA PANS right as Guard crosses to Sentry house - sentry house revolves -

CS - Guard in Sentry House - turns fake mustache upside down -

MLS - Guard steps out of Sentry house - CAMERA PANS left as he comes forward to Dorothy and Group - CAMERA TRUCKS forward -

GUARD Now - what do you want?

DOROTHY AND OTHERS We want to see the Wizard.

GUARD Not nobody! Not....

MLS -- Dorothy and Group at left -- Guard at right --

GUARD ...nohow!

TIN MAN That's what the other man said.

At time 6:00 (approx.) the following was cut:

ALL (sing) Each rabbit would show respect to him The chipmunks genuflect to him

SCARECROW And his wife would be Queen of the May.

MCS - Lion -

LION I'd be monarch of all I survey....

At time 8:03 was cut:

SCARECROW o.s. How? How are we?

CS -- Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow grouped about Dorothy - Lion and Scarecrow speak -- Dorothy speaks as she sobs --

LION Would...would it do any good if I roared?


LION I don't know.

At time 9:29 is cut:

DOROTHY Oh, come on.

At time 9:45 is cut:

LION What was that?

DOROTHY Our echo.

OZ'S VOICE Tap - tap - tap - tap - What was that - that - that? Our echo - echo - echo.

MLS - The Lion starts to bolt, but the others grab him - Dorothy speaks as they face down corridor to b.g. - Voice of Oz heard -

DOROTHY Oh, come on - come on! We'll soon find the Wizard!

OZ'S VOICE The Wizard - The Wizard - The Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz - Oz - Oz-Oz - Oz - Oz - Oz - Oz!

OZ'S VOICE The Great Wizard of Oz.

Part 8

At time 3:24 is cut:

MS - Dorothy and group - they speak - Lion hands spray to Dorothy - Scarecrow takes the spray - throws it o.s. right -

TIN MAN From now on, we're on enemy ground. You should have something to protect yourself with.

LION She - she can have my Witch Remover.

DOROTHY Does it work?

LION No, but it's wonderful for threatening with.


SCARECROW Oh, here - give me that thing!

MLS - Spray hits the ground - then vanishes -

MS - Dorothy and Group react - speak - net flies out of Lion's hand - all react -

SCARECROW Oh, did - did you see that?

TIN MAN Oh - look out.

SCARECROW You know something?

At time 4:38 is cut the very long sequence of the Jitterbug:

LS - Dorothy - Scarecrow - Tin Man and Lion walking forward thru Haunted Forest - Lion yells -

MCU - Lion growling - Jitterbug on his nose - he looks down at it - speaks - CAMERA TRUCKS back - Tin Man slaps the bug away -

LION What's that? What's that? Take it away - take it away - Take it away! (cries)

TIN MAN Hold still - hold still --

MLS - Scarecrow - Dorothy - Tin Man and Lion - Dorothy jumps as Jitterbug bites her leg - Tin Man speaks - all start forward - Tin Man yells - Dorothy takes bug off his neck - Bug bites Scarecrow - he jumps in the air - falls to ground - jumps up again - CAMERA PANS the Four to right - they react to quivering trees and noise - CAMERA TRUCKS back - Dorothy and others tremble and move about as they sing -

DOROTHY Oh! Something bit me, too!

TIN MAN Now come on - you're acting silly -- (yells)

SCARECROW Oh, come on now - everybody -- (yells)

DOROTHY (sings) Did you just hear what I just heard?

LION (sings) That noise don't come from no ordinary bird.

DOROTHY It may be just a cricket Or a critter in the trees.

TIN MAN It's giving me the jitters In the joints around my knees.

CS - Scarecrow and Tin Man - CAMERA PANS to right to Lion and Dorothy - each sing -

SCARECROW Oh, I think I see a jijik And he's fuzzy and he's furry I haven't got a brain But I think I ought to worry!

TIN MAN I haven't got a heart But I got a palpitation.

LION As Monarch of the Forest I don't like the situation.

DOROTHY Are you gonna stand around And let 'em fill us full of horror?

LION I'd like to roar 'em down -- But I think I lost my roarer.

LS - Dorothy - Lion - Scarecrow and Tin Man running around - the tree quivering -

MS - Scarecrow - Tin Man - Lion and Dorothy huddled together - looking o.s. -

TIN MAN It's a whozis.

SCARECROW It's a whozis?

LION It's a whatzis.

TIN MAN It's a whatzis?

LION Whozat?

TIN MAN Whozat?


MCS - Scarecrow - Tin Man - Lion and Dorothy - Dorothy steps forward - sings - CAMERA PANS right as she dances back near Lion -

DOROTHY Whozat? Who's that hiding In the tree top? It's that rascal The Jitter Bug. Should you catch him Buzzin' round you Keep away from The Jitter Bug! Oh, the bats....

MS - Scarecrow - Tin Man - Lion and Dorothy - Dorothy singing - CAMERA PANS - TRUCKS back as all dance -

DOROTHY ...and the bees And the breeze in the trees Have a terrible, horrible buzz. But the bats and the bees And the breeze in the trees Couldn't do what the Jitter Bug does. So be careful Of that rascal Keep away from --

SCARECROW - TIN MAN AND LION -- The Jitter Bug! Oh, The Jitter - Oh, the Bug Oh, the Jitter -

ALL Bug-bug-a-bug-bug-bug-bug-bug-a-boo!

MS - Lion runs over by tree - tree catches hold of Lion's tail - Scarecrow runs in - releases Lion - tree grabs Scarecrow - he finally gets free - CAMERA PANS left as Scarecrow runs over to Dorothy held by another tree - Tin Man starts to chop at tree - Limb of tree hits him over the head - Tin Man staggers - throws axe o.s. - Lion enters - CAMERA TRUCKS as the four dance -

ALL In a twitter In the throes

SCARECROW Oh, the critter's Got me dancin' on a thousand toes.

TIN MAN Thar she blows!

LS - Dorothy and Group dancing - Trees of the forest moving in rhythm -

MS - Lion and Tin Man dancing -

CS - Lion and Tin Man dancing -

LS - Tin Man - Lion - Dorothy and Scarecrow dancing -

MLS - The Four dancing -

You can see part of a poor quality home-movie of part of this original scene here.

At time 4:53 (approx) is cut:

MS - Lion in center of group of monkeys - he doubles his fists - speaks - Monkey in tree hits him over the head with axe -

LION Why, I'll -- Foul! Foul!

At time 4:55 is added:

DOROTHY Help! Help!

At time 5:08 is added (Dorothy screaming)

At time 5:39 is cut:

TIN MAN Now, let' s see -- this goes -- Oh, I wish I were better at puzzles.

LION Wait a minute. This is the left one. He walks bad enough already.

TIN MAN Oh, poor Dorothy. We may never see her again.

SCARECROW Who do you suppose they were? And where did they take her? A fine thing - to go to pieces at a time like this!

TIN MAN Now, now, don't fret.

SCARECROW Oh, dear, dear.

TIN MAN We'll get you together!

At 6:47 is cut:

DOROTHY What are you gonna do?

CU - Witch looks up o.s. - speaks -

WITCH What do you think I'm going to do?

At time 8:00 is added the I'm Frightened Auntie Em scene, which was moved here from part 9.

At time 9:07 is cut:

MS -- Ext. Haunted Forest -- the Lion and the Tin Man put the Scarecrow back together -- they speak -- then react, look off to right as they hear Toto barking o.s.

TIN MAN There. Now, that's the best we can do without any pins.

LION Yeah --

SCARECROW Oh, don't worry about me. I'm all right. We must worry about Dorothy.

TIN MAN But how can we find her? We don't even know where she is.

At time 9:49 is cut:

MCS - In. Tower Room - Dorothy watching the hour glass - CAMERA PANS with her as she runs to the door, tries it - then runs to another door - finds that locked, also - CAMERA TRUCKS forward slightly as she sobs, then turns and comes slowly forward as the CAMERA PULLS back to left with her - she begins to sing - CAMERA PANS her right as she sits, sobbing, by the crystal of the Witch -

DOROTHY (sings)

Someday, I'll wake and rub my eyes

And in that land beyond the skies

You'll find me ----

At the end of Part 8, we hear the Winkie's singing as they march around the Castle entrance. Contrary to some reports, this script does not say what they are saying, or if they are saying anything at all.

Part 9

At time 0:50 is where the I'm Frightened Auntie Em scene was supposed to be originally put.

At time 1:17 is added:

WINKIE Put 'em up.

At time 1:25 is cut:

CU -- Hour Glass --

MLS- Int. Tower Room -- Dorothy trying to open one of the doors -- CAMERA TRUCKS forward --

At time 1:35 (approx) is cut:

SCARECROW Whew! That wasn't my plan - but something happened, didn't it?

TIN MAN You put up a great fight, Lion.


TIN MAN I don't know what we'd have done without you.

LION Hah. I - I must have bitten you a couple of times.

At time 2:16 is cut:

CU - Hour Glass -

MCS - Int. Tower Room - Dorothy seated on steps near the crystal - she sobs -

At time 2:43 is cut:

MCS - Dorothy at door - she speaks to the others o.s. -

DOROTHY Oh, I knew you'd get here in time!

At time 2:47 is cut:

CS - Int. Tower Room - Dorothy standing by door - she reacts as she hears the three outside the door -

LION o.s. Open the door! Open....

MCS - The three outside the door push about madly - then stop their efforts at the door as the Scarecrow and Tie Man bawl out the Lion - he pouts -

LION ...the door! Open the door! Open the door! Open the door! Open the door!

TIN MAN Don't push!

SCARECROW Stop pushing!

LION Oh - I was only trying to help. Ohhh!

At time 3:11 is cut:

LION Did they hurtcha?

DOROTHY Lion, darling -- I knew you'd come!

At time 3:45 is cut:

MCS - The Four huddled by door - Tin Man speaks to Lion, who tries to roar -

TIN MAN Go ahead - do something! Roar! Roar!

MCS - The Winkie Guards advance with a menacing roar -

MCS - The Four huddled against door - the Lion reacts, speaks -

LION What good'll it do us?

At time 4:00 is cut, the speech:

CU -- Toto in Dorothy's arms -- he growls at the Winkies o.s. --

CU -- Scarecrow looks up o.s. --

WITCH o.s. How does it feel....

MS -- What the Scarecrow sees: CAMERA PANS up along the rope that holds the huge candelabra up over the hall --

WITCH o.s. ...my little visitor?

CU -- Scarecrow looking about up o.s. -- CAMERA PANS, PULLS back as he steps over to where the rope is fastened to the wall --

WITCH o.s. Can you imagine what I'm going to do to you?

MCS -- The Witch picks up the hour glass -- hurls it down o.s. as she laughs --

ELS -- Full shot of the entrance hall as the hour glass crashes to the floor below -- bursts into a cloud of flame and smoke --

LION o.s. Here we go, boys!

At 4:07 is added:

WITCH Seize them! Seize them!

And cut:

WITCH They've gotten away! Stop them! Stop them!

Int. Corridor -- as the Witch and Winkies pass out of shot, Dorothy and her friends peer out from behind a recess, then run back into the hall as they exit left

LS - The four rush back into the hall - CAMERA TRUCKS back to left - they look about - the Scarecrow speaks -

SCARECROW It's no use trying the doors again! Which room is it?

MLS - The Winkies running back through the corridor -

MLS - Dorothy, Scarecrow, Lion, Tin Man react as they hear the Winkies approaching - CAMERA PANS left as they start up the stairs -

LION They're coming back!


SCARECROW Oh - upstairs, quickly!

TIN MAN Go on!

MLS -- The Witch comes running back into the hall -- her Winkies right behind her -- she gives them orders -- the Guards separate --

At time 5:14 is cut:

WITCH Well, I'm going to start in on you right here - one after the other!

At time 5:30 (approx) is cut:

SCARECROW No -- No -- No -- No!


At time 5:35 is added:

WITCH Don't throw that water!

At time 6:30 is cut:

CS - Dorothy, with Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow in back of her - she speaks -

DOROTHY You mean, you're...you're all happy about it?

CS - The Leader raises up his head - speaks to Dorothy o.s. in f.g. - other Winkies in back of him -

LEADER Very happy - now she won't be able to hit us with a broom....

CS - Dorothy, with Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow in back of her - Dorothy turns to the Tin Man -

LEADER o.s. ...anymore!

At time 6:39 is cut long scene:

ALL The Wicked Witch is dead! The Wicked Witch is dead! Hail - Hail - the Witch is dead. Which old Witch? - the Wicked Witch. Hail - Hail - the Wicked Witch is dead. Hail - Hail - the Witch is dead Which old Witch? - the Wicked Witch....


ELS - In Emerald City - Streets are thronged with people - the procession enters from b.g., led by a band -

ALL (sing) Hail - hail - the Wicked Witch is dead!

MLS - The Band marching along the crowded streets - they turn, exit out to left f.g. -

ALL (sing) Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch! Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead!

ELS - The Procession comes forward through the crowded streets - surrounded by flower girls are Dorothy, the Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow - the Scarecrow is carrying the Witch's broomstick -

ALL (sing) Wake up, you sleepy head Rub your eyes Get out of bed Wake up, the Wicked Witch is dead!

MS - CAMERA TRUCKS back with the Tin Man, Lion, Dorothy and the Scarecrow as they come forward through the singing crowds - they wave, smile, etc. -

ALL (sing) She's gone where the Goblins go Below -- below -- below! Yo ho, let's open....

LS - The Procession passes girls lined up in front of the palace - the four pass along in front of them at left - all wave greetings -

ALL (sing) ...up and sing And ring the bells out. Ding Dong! The merry-oh Sing it high Sing it....

ELS - Full shot of the area in front of Palace - the Procession files around in it to the right -

ALL (sing) ...low. Let them know The Wicked Witch is dead! Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old....

ELS - CAMERA BOOMS back to left with the Procession as it comes forward -

ALL (sing) ...witch? The Wicked Witch Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead!

ELS - CAMERA PANS right with the Procession as it marches toward the palace - CAMERA BOOMS around to one of the huge crystals as the Tin Man, Dorothy, Scarecrow and Lion enter through the palace gates -

ALL (sing) Wake up, you sleepy head. Rub your eyes - Get out of bed. Wake up, the Wicked Witch is dead. She's gone where the Goblins go - Below - below - below. No ho, let's open up and sing And ring the bells out. Ding Dong! The merry-oh Sing it high --

At time 7:52 is cut:

DOROTHY Who are you?

At time 7:56 is cut: OZ'S VOICE Go - before I lose my temper!

At time 8:30 is cut:

MCU - Scarecrow and Dorothy - Scarecrow threatens the Wizard o.s. -

SCARECROW You'd better be good enough to send Dorothy back to Kansas!

CS - Wizard - shooting past Lion, Dorothy and Scarecrow in f.g. -

WIZARD Uh - now, please don't be angry with me. I'll - I'll do anything you say, only... only if you don't shout at me. It makes me nervous!

SCARECROW It makes you nervous?


MCS -- Tin Man, Scarecrow, Dorothy and Lion -- shooting past the Wizard in left f.g.

SCARECROW What about us?

WIZARD Well, I --

At time 8:39 is cut:

CS - Wizard - shooting past Lion, Dorothy and Scarecrow in f.g. -

WIZARD Well, I-- but you've got them. You've had them all the...

MCS- Tin Man, Scarecrow, Dorothy and Lion - shooting past the Wizard in left f.g. - the four react, speak together - the Scarecrow moves around to the Wizard -

WIZARD ...time!

ALL TOGETHER Oh, no we haven't!

TIN MAN You don't get around us that easy!

LION Not nohow!

WIZARD Well --

SCARECROW You promised us real things -- a real...

CS - Wizard - shooting past the Scarecrow at right - the Wizard reacts to their demands - starts to speak -

SCARECROW ...brain!

TIN MAN o.s. A real heart!

LION Real courage. That's what we want.

WIZARD You do? boys, you're aiming low. You not only surprise, but you grieve me.

At time 8:48 is cut:

WIZARD From the rock-bound coast of Maine to the Sun.... oh - oh, no -- -- ah - Well, be that as it may.

Part 10

At time 0:10 is cut:

WIZARD I could have been a world figure, a power among men, a - a successful wizard, had I not been obstructed by a heart.

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