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Using this script. I'll be listing below all the differences between this script and the broadcast movie.


Part 1

At time 3:06 this exchange is cut:

UNCLE HENRY Poor little orphan, and her Miss Gulch troubles. Gosh all hemlock - you know, she ought to have somebody to play with.

AUNT EM I know, but we all got to work out our own problems, Henry.


AUNT EM Oh, I hope we got them in time.


At time 3:14 this exchange is cut:

HICKORY Come on - come on - over this way.

ZEKE Okay.

At time 3:47 this exchange is cut:

MLS - Int. Barn - Hickory working on wind machine - straightens up - reacts - Dorothy comes forward - CAMERA TRUCKS forward as Hickory goes to her - he speaks to her - turns motor of wind machine on - they watch it - oil spurts out into Hickory's face - he reacts - Dorothy exit left -

HICKORY Oh! Oh, it feels like my joints are rusted. Listen, Dorothy, don't let Hunk kid you about Miss Gulch. She's just a poor sour-faced old maid that -- she ain't got no heart left. You know, you should have a little more heart yourself, and have pity on her.

DOROTHY Well, gee, I try and have a heart.

HICKORY Now look, here's something that really has a heart. This is the best invention I ever invented.


HICKORY Sure. It's to break up winds, so we don't have no more dust storms. Can you imagine what it'll mean to this section of the country? I'll show you. It works perfectly now. Here's the principle. You see that fan -- that sends up air currents into the sky. These air currents -- Oh, stop it!


HICKORY Who did it? Now wait a minute.

DOROTHY Hickory!

HICKORY Now what happened? I'll bet Hunk did that.

Part 2

At time 1:56 the below exchange has been cut:


DOROTHY Please, Professor, why can't we go along with you?

PROFESSOR o.s. Well, we -- uh --

At time 2:06 the below exchange has been cut: PROFESSOR Oh, yes - you - you wanted to go home, huh?

DOROTHY Oh, no, I wanted to go along with you.


DOROTHY Nobody cares about me at home. They wouldn't even miss me.

PROFESSOR Aw, come, come, come --

DOROTHY No, they won't - honestly.


DOROTHY Auntie Em was even going to let them kill Toto yesterday for biting Miss Gulch. Oh, please, Professor, why can't we go with you and see all the Crowned Heads of Europe?

Instead the scene picks up with just the last part of Dorothy's last speech:

DOROTHY Oh please Professor, why can't we go with you and see all the Crowned Heads of Europe?

At time 3:21 the below sentence has been cut

PROFESSOR No - it's - it's - a crowing rooster.

At time 4:07 the below exchange has been cut:

PROFESSOR Well, she's - she's going into a little bed....

CU - Dorothy - Camera shooting past Professor -

PROFESSOR ...room --

DOROTHY Has it poppies on the wall....

MCU - Professor - Camera shooting past Dorothy

DOROTHY ...paper?

PROFESSOR I said it had poppies on the wall paper! Eh -- she's -- What's this?

Instead picking up at: PROFESSOR Why, she's -- she's putting her hand on her heart -- she's -- she's dropping down on the.... bed

At time 4:30 only the beginning and ending of Dorothy's speech is included. Originally she was supposed to say:

DOROTHY ...away! Come on, Toto! Oh, what'll I do? If we go home, they'll send you to the Sheriff. And if we don't, Aunt Em may -- well, she may die! I know what I'll do - I'll give you to Hunk. He'll watch out for you. But we've got to hurry. Goodbye, Professor Marvel -- and thanks a lot!

Instead now she just says

DOROTHY ...away! Come on, Toto! Goodbye, Professor Marvel -- and thanks a lot!

At time 5:05 the below exchange has been cut:

HICKORY o.s. Right here.

UNCLE HENRY Hey, what are you doing there?

HICKORY This is my chance! The cyclone is coming. Let me show you what my machine can do! You see, it goes --

UNCLE HENRY Doggone you! Help Hunk get them horses loose!

HICKORY All right - you'll be sorry.

UNCLE HENRY Go on, hurry up! Hurry up, I tell you!

LS -- Zeke points up to sky -- Hunk and others drive horses out of barn --

ZEKE She's here -- it's a twister!

Instead now all we have left is:

Zeke It's a twister! It's a twister!

At time 5:44 this sentence has been added:

UNCLE HENRY Well [unintelligible] we can't look for her now. Come on, get in the cellar. Hurry up.

At time 6:32 the script has two "Auntie Em!"s but Dorothy actually says this three times, and also says "Uncle Henry". Then at time 6:42 she says "Auntie Em" one more time before the window frame hits her in the head.

The script directions state: "MS -- Dorothy sitting on edge of bed -- holding Toto in her arms -- the window blows loose -- hits Dorothy on the head -- she falls to floor - then gets up dazed - sits on edge of bed - Toto jumps up near her - she lies back on bed --"

But what we actually see in the broadcast is: "MS -- Dorothy standing holding Toto in her arms -- the window blows loose -- hits Dorothy on the head -- she falls onto the bed --"

At time 7:14 the below sentence has been removed

DOROTHY We're not on the ground, Toto!

Also at this point a cow and tree float through the frame twice, but in the broadcast we only see these go through once.

At time 8:39 when the house lands, the below was added


Part 3

At time 2:09 the end-part of Glinda's speech is cut:

GLINDA It's all right now - you may all come out.

At time 8:46 the below is cut:

WITCH Was it you? Answer me!

GLINDA Leave her alone!

WITCH You stay out of this! I'm here for vengeance! So it was you, was it? You killed her,....

CS -- Dorothy and Glinda -- Dorothy speaks to the Witch o.s. in f.g. --

WITCH ...didn't you?

At time 8:52 the below exclamation is cut:

DOROTHY o.s. ...Really I didn't!

At time 8:56 the beginning and ending of the witch's speech is cut off, originally she said:

WITCH Didn't mean it, eh? Accident, eh? Well, my little pretty, I can cause accidents, too -- and this is how I do it!

Instead all we have now is:

WITCH Well, my little pretty, I can cause accidents, too--

You can however at the end of "too" see her mouth still moving to the next word.

Part 4

Starting at time 1:35, added to the script several Munchkins say "Bye" and "Goodbye".

At time 6:40 this very long scene is cut

MCS - The Scarecrow seated on curb of road as Dorothy looks down at him - CAMERA PULLS back as he feels about his coat - Dorothy points to some of his straw on the road - a crow flies into the scene and lands near the straw - the Scarecrow reacts -

MCS - The Scarecrow trembles with fear as Dorothy tries to comfort him -

MCU - The crow picks up the straw and flies up --

MLS - Dorothy and the Scarecrow react as the crow flies out to left with the straw in his mouth - CAMERA BOOMS up to left as the Scarecrow rises, goes to the fence and shakes his fist at the crow flying over the cornfield in the b.g. -

MLS - The Scarecrow dances back to right along the road as the CAMERA PULLS back, PANS right with him - Dorothy rushes to him, stops him and points o.s. to left -

LS - The crow lands in the cornfield -

MCS - Dorothy and the Scarecrow looking o.s. to left - the Scarecrow reacts, assures Dorothy - then the CAMERA PULLS back as he dances forward, gains momentum and runs out to left -

LS - The Scarecrow runs to left, makes a big jump over the cornfield as the CAMERA PANS with him -

MLS - The Scarecrow jumps in from right and lands in the cornfield - several crows fly out of the corn -

MS - Dorothy runs forward to the fence, reacts as she looks o.s. to f.g. -

MS - The Scarecrow moves to right through the corn stalks - CAMERA TRUCKS right - he bends down, finds his straw and stuffs it back into his coat -

MLS - The Scarecrow runs forward, jumps into the air and flies out to right f.g. -

LS - The Scarecrow soars over the field to the road - Dorothy waves to him

MS - The Scarecrow falls into the scene as he lands on the Yellow Brick Road - CAMERA PULLS back as Dorothy rushes to him - the Scarecrow begins to dance again, doing a series of splits -

CS - Toto jumps on a pumpkin, starts it rolling out onto the Yellow Brick Road at right - CAMERA PANS right -

LS - Toto follows the pumpkin as it rolls forward down the road - CAMERA PULLS back between the Scarecrow's legs - the pumpkin hits the Scarecrow, hitting the Scarecrow up out of scene - Dorothy looks on, frightened -

LS - CAMERA PANS up with the Scarecrow as he soars up into the air -

LS - Shooting down from the Scarecrow's angle to Dorothy as she looks up o.s. -

MS - CAMERA PANS down with the Scarecrow as he falls back toward the road - exits out of shot -

MLS - The Scarecrow falls back into scene and lands on the Yellow Brick Road - he runs out to left -

MLS - CAMERA PULLS back before the Scarecrow as he dances forward, bumping into one side of fence, then bouncing from that to the fence on the other side of road, then back to the fence at left, and so on down the road - CAMERA PANS right with him as he runs forward past Dorothy and falls through a fence which breaks under his weight -

CS - The Scarecrow sits up, looks about - blinks his eyes -

CS - Dorothy reacts as she starts forward, looks o.s. to f.g. -

REVERSE ACTION shot of Scene 93 (MLS - CAMERA PULLS back before the Scarecrow as he dances forward, bumping into one side of fence, then bouncing from that to the fence on the other side of road, then back to the fence at left, and so on down the road - CAMERA PANS right with him as he runs forward past Dorothy and falls through a fence which breaks under his weight)

MLS - The Scarecrow bounces off a fence rail and starts to dance forward down the road as he sings - CAMERA PULLS back ahead of him - Dorothy enters - he sings to her - some straw falls from his coat - the Scarecrow slumps to the ground - Dorothy starts to bend down -

SCARECROW (sings) Gosh, it would be awful pleasin' To reason out the reason For things I can't explain. Then perhaps I'll deserve you, And be even worthy erv you If I only had a brain.

MLS -- Ext. Yellow Brick Road -- Dorothy rushes to the Scarecrow lying on the road -- she picks up some of his straw -- kneels by him --

CS -- Dorothy kneeling by the Scarecrow -- she speaks as she helps him put back some of the straw -- they react -- Scarecrow half-rises --

At time 8:52 added to the script is:

SECOND TREE She was hungry!

At time 9:07 part of the tree's speech is cut:

FIRST TREE What do you mean - she doesn't want any of those apples?

At time 9:12 part of the tree's speech is cut:

TREE ...Oh -- Help -- let me out. I'll give you little green....

TREE o.s. ...worms.

Part 5

At time 0:43 is added:

DOROTHY He said oil can.

At time 1:00 is cut:

DOROTHY Here -- here --

At time 1:05 is cut: DOROTHY Yes --- there.

At time 1:40 from the middle of his speech is cut:

TIN MAN -- minding my own business --

At time 5:18 is cut:

TIN MAN Emerald City? Why, that's a long and dangerous journey. And it might rain on the way.

SCARECROW But you've just been saying how much you want a heart.

DOROTHY And I'll keep the oil-can handy.

At time 5:33 (right after the witch cackles) is cut:

TIN MAN Ohh -- what's that? Oh --

At time 5:36 is cut:

WITCH Forgotten about me,....

MCS - Tin Man, Dorothy and Scarecrow react as the Witch speaks o.s. -

WITCH o.s. ...eh? Well, I haven't forgotten about you!

At time 6:01 is cut:

WITCH And as for you, my little....

MLS - Tin Man putting out the fire as Dorothy helps the Scarecrow, who is rolling about in the grass - she reacts as Witch speaks o.s. -

WITCH o.s. ...Dorothy, I wish....

MCU - Dorothy hugs Toto tightly as Witch speaks o.s. -

WITCH o.s. ...you luck with the Wizard of Oz. And a....

CS - Witch speaks to Dorothy o.s. - then laughs -

WITCH ...happy journey back to Kansas!

At time 6:31 a long exchange is cut:


You know -- Hmm? What's that?

MLS - Tin Man and Scarecrow sitting down - Dorothy in b.g. near tree - comes forward as Tin Man and Scarecrow rise - she speaks - reacts when she sees bee on her arm - turns around as Tin Man takes bee off her arm -

TIN MAN Oh! They're - they're gone now.

DOROTHY Oh, goodness! Did any of them sting you?

TIN MAN I - I guess they tried to, but they bent their stingers.

DOROTHY Oh, dear. I don't know what I'd do if a whole swarm kept -- Oh! Oh! Oh, there's one on me!

TIN MAN Oh - I'll get it!


CS - Scarecrow - Dorothy and Tin Man - Tin Man looks at dead bee in his hand - speaks and cries -


TIN MAN Oh, see - I killed it. Oh, I killed that poor little honey bee!


CU - Tin Man crying - speaks -

TIN MAN It's only a man without a head who could do a thing like that. Poor little bee.

CU - Dorothy reacts - reaches o.s. -

DOROTHY Oh, there....

CU - The Tin Man as Dorothy reaches in - wipes away his tears -

DOROTHY ...there. Don't cry. There.

CU - Dorothy looks o.s. - speaks -

DOROTHY As a matter of fact, that's just an old drone bee, and it would have died....

CU - Tin Man looks o.s. -

DOROTHY o.s. ...anyway.


DOROTHY o.s. You put it out of its misery.


DOROTHY o.s. It's....

CS - Scarecrow - Dorothy and Tin Man - they speak and laugh -

DOROTHY ...just that the Witch is so wicked. I don't think you two ought to come with me because you'll get into trouble.

SCARECROW Oh, you don't think we're going to stand by and let her get away with fireballs and bees, do you?

TIN MAN No, sir!


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