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Submitted Mar 7, 2007 by Nita Emberlin

Additional Civil War Soldiers in Arkansas with Biographies, Narratives, Photos and Illustrations, Vol 2 L-Z by RENA MARIE KNIGHT, copyrighted 2004, published by RMK Publishing Co.

MAGEE, JOHN S. Born Pope County, Illinois on Sept. 19, 1833, son of THOMAS (born TN) and NANCY (no given surname, born Kentucky). Married ABBIE WILLIAMS of Illinois March 1850 and died 1851. Married LUVINA WATSON of Kentucky Sept. 17, 1854, later married ELIZABETH TITTLE of Missouri on May 19, 1881. Served the Confederacy in Home Guards, lived in Clay Co., Arkansas after the war.

MCGAUGHEY, H. M. Born 1836 in Franklin Co., Indiana, son of GEORGE MCGAUGHEY and STELLA BYFIELD. In 1872 Minnesota, married ELIZA ANN SHAFER of Indiana born 1852 (her tombstone has 1845) and died 1931. Enlisted in 1861 with Co. E, 3rd Minnesota Infantry, U.S.A. Fought Indians, in siege at Vicksburg, wounded at Helena, Arkansas. August 7 in hospital till Little Rock, Arkansas where he accepted a commission as first lieutenant of Co. B, 112th U. S. Colored Infantry. He discharged as disabled Feb. 13, 1865, lived in Benton Co., Arkansas after the war. Died 1911 and buried in Rogers Cemetery in Benton Co. On tombstone, name spelled MCGAUGHERY.

MCGAUGHY, ROBERT D. Born in Lawrence Co., Alabama May 19, 1839, son of ELI A. MCGAUGHY and REBECCA STEWART. Married Oct. 24, 1865 JOSEPHINE STEPHENSON of Alabama who died May 15, 1875. In May 1861 enlisted in Co. E of 6th Arkansas Infantry, CSA., served until surrender of Greensboro, North Carolina on May 2, 1865. Was at Shiloh, Murfreesboro, Missionary Ridge, Chickamauga, Georgia Campaign. Captured at Jonesboro and confined for 19 days before exchanged. Then fought at Franklin, Nashville, Bentonville, North Carolina. Married Jan. 13, 1876 IDA J. CHERRY of Arkansas who died Aug. 31, 1885. Married May 19, 1887 MAMIE E. STEPHENSON, sister of first wife. Died March 3, 1917, buried at Bellwood Cemetery in Jefferson Co., Arkansas.

MCGEE, THOMAS M. Born in Van Buren, Arkansas, Sept. 18, 1846, son of Dr. JONATHAN D. MCGEE and MARY MOORE. Enlisted 1861 in CSA at Van Buren Guards, then with General TERRY’S Regiment. Stationed in Texas, surrendered at San Antonio, Texas. Married MARGARET P. (no given surname) who was born Nov. 14, 1849 and died 1901. He died Dec. 1910 and buried at Fairview Cemetery, Crawford Co., Arkansas.

MCGEE, WILLIAM. Confederate soldier in Co. B., 25th Arkansas Infantry, died April 19, 1914, buried in Cave City Cemetery, Sharp Co., Arkansas.

MCGEHEE, GROVER C. Confederate private in 37th Arkansas Infantry, died Sept. 26, 1924, buried at McGehee Cemetery at Bobo in Carroll Co., Arkansas.

MCGEHEE, SAMUEL. Born in Meriwether Co., Georgia, Sept. 1, 1828. Father was a Methodist minister born in Georgia and died 1876. Mother was SARAH MARTIN of Georgia who was born 1804 and died 1868. He married MARY BLACKWELL who was born 1829 and died 1866. Then he married Sept. 11, 1866 ELIZA J. GRIFFIN of Tennessee who was born 1832. He enlisted 1861 with Confederate Army in “FOGIN Guards.” Was first lieutenant, sent to Virginia, camped on Potomac where his health gave out, transferred to Western Department, helped organize the Trans-Mississippi Department and served as quartermaster, was at Arkansas Post January 10, 1863, but succeeded in making his escape, at battle of Williamsburg, Virginia, was shot, but the ball hit his watch, glanced off, he was not injured. Lived in Jefferson Co., Arkansas after the war.

MCGEHEE SAMUEL M. Confederate first lieutenant in 24th Arkansas infantry, Hardy’s Division, Co. S, F and Co. B of the 2nd Battalion Arkansas Infantry. Buried at McGehee Cemetery in Carroll Co., Arkansas.

MCGEHEE, SOLOMON. Born March 20, 1828, Confederate soldier, died July 30, 1902, buried at McGehee Cemetery in Carroll Co., Arkansas

MCGEHEE, VALENTINE M. Confederate soldier as lieutenant and captain, member of Co. E of the 2nd Arkansas Infantry.

MCGHEE, WILLIAM A. Born in Washington Co., Tennessee on Jan. 8, 1835, parents from TN. At age 23, married ANNA GREEN of Alabama who was born 1835. Enlisted 1861 in Co. H, 10th Arkansas Infantry of Confederate Army, served as corporal until 1863, in the battle of Port Hudson where he was wounded in the head by a spent ball. Lived in Perry Co., Arkansas, might be buried at Casa Cemetery in Perry Co.

MCGEHEY, GEORGE W. Born Feb. 24, 1838, Confederate soldier in Co. J in JEFFRIES Arkansas Cavalry who died Aug. 11, 1906. Buried at Oak Forest Cemetery in Lawrence Co., Arkansas.

WRIGHT, CHRISTOPHER C. Son of Dr. JOHN WRIGHT of Virginia, born Sept. 1, 1841 in Virginia, Confederate soldier, lived in Green Co., Arkansas after war, died Feb. 15, 1889, buried at Hartsoe Cemetery.

WRIGHT, FRANKLIN Born Dec. 21, 1829 in North Carolina, son of JAMES H. WRIGHT and POLLY WRIGHT. Married 1854 CHARITY CHURCH who was born Jan. 9, 1833. In July 1863, he was a member of Co. A, 47th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry and served 18 months in U. S. Army, stationed in Kentucky, discharged Dec. 26, 1864, lived in Crawford Co., Arkansas, buried in Piney or Concord Cemetery.

WRIGHT, GABRIEL N. Born 1835 in Pauling Co., Georgia, son of HENRY WRIGHT and ELIZABETH GODDARD. Assisted in raising 2 military companies for service, served his country in the nitre and potash mining works. Contracted to furnish Confederate forces with nitre and potash from works located in Georgia and Alabama. Captured in 1865 Alabama but paroled next day. Married 1860 MARTHA R. WOODRUFF in Georgia. Lived in Crawford Co., Arkansas after war.

WRIGHT, HARTWELL T. Born Aug. 20, 1835 in Shelby Co., Tennessee, son of JOSEPH J. WRIGHT of Alabama and ELIZABETH W. TUCKER of North Carolina. He served a short time in Confederate Army, wounded at Point Pleasant, returned home. Married MARY R. TONEY of Arkansas who died May 24, 1883. Lived in Jefferson Co., Arkansas after war.

WRIGHT, ISOM M. Born Feb. 7, 1826 in Alabama, son of WILLIAM WRIGHT and CLARISSA SELF. Served in Confederate Army in Texas, married Dec. 1846 BARBARA LATHAM who was born in Alabama May 20, 1832 and died Feb. 18, 1892. He died April 16, 1901 and buried in Norwood Cemetery, Benton Co., Arkansas.

WRIGHT J. L. Born Dec. 17, 1836 in Kentucky, son of JOSEPH WRIGHT and SARAH FORD of Kentucky. Moved to Arkansas 1842 and died Aug. 19, 1876. In 1861 enlisted for 3 years in Capt. HILLIS’ Co. and assigned to 15th Arkansas Regiment, C.SA. but was honorably discharged, then volunteered in Capt. KITCHEN’S Regiment and participated in the Battle of Little Rock. After the war, returned to Poinsett Co., Arkansas. In 1856 married JANE ISHMET of Arkansas who was born June 19, 1842 and died Nov. 27, 1908. He died March 9, 1918 and buried at Bolivar Cemetery, Poinsett Co., Arkansas.

WRIGHT, JAMES A. Born Feb. 21, 1842 in Jackson Co., Alabama to N. A. WRIGHT and MARTHA BYRANNY. Married May 15, 1864 MARY A. ELLIS of Tennessee who born 1846. Enlisted in 1861 in 8th Arkansas Infantry CSA, served first year east of Mississippi River then transferred to Trans Mississippi Dept., captured at Little Rock, kept 6 weeks, was on STERLING PRICE’S Missouri raid, at Prairie Grove, Helena, Pilot Knob, accidentally wounded, lost right leg. Discharged in late 1864. Lived in White Co., Arkansas after war.

WRIGHT, JAMES G. Born July 3, 1830 in Jackson Co., Arkansas to ISHAM WRIGHT and MARY SHEPHERD. Married in 1850 to MARIA J. MARLAR of Tennessee and died 1858. Then in 1858 married SARAH C. LESTER of Arkansas. Fought at Wilson’s Creek then returned and organized Co. E, 34th Arkansas Infantry CSA, elected captain. In May 1862 enlisted and served till close of war. In Jan. 2, 1873, while he was recruiting, he was captured, held ten days then exchanged and returned to his command. Lived in Crawford, Co., Arkansas after war.

WRIGHT, JAMES MAURY Born Aug. 12, 1834 in Madison Co., Tennessee, son of JAMES RIGHT and PATSY STIGALL. Married Sept. 11, 1856 to MARTHA R.VANN of Tennessee who was born April 28, 1838 and died July 15, 1880 and buried in Grisard Cemetery in White Co., Arkansas. Married in 1882 to MINERVA HENDRICKS. On June 20, 1862 enlisted in Co. A of Col. GLENN’S Regiment on detached duty in Arkansas, spent a month as teamster, promoted to wagonmaster until Jan. 1864. While home on furlough when the Federal troops got possession of Arkansas, he was cut off from his command and did not again enter service.

WRIGHT, JAMES TYRIE Bushwhacked on Illinois River in 1863. A captain and possibly buried in Ellis Cemetery 18.8 miles south of Hector, Arkansas. Two Civil War soldiers are buried there.

WRIGHT, JASPER. Born 1840 in Barren Co., Kentucky. At age of 27 in 1861 enlisted in CRITTENDEN Rangers, a cavalry company organized in Crittenden County, Arkansas. He was in the battles of Chickamauga, Corinth, and Knoxville. Paroled at Chester, South Carolina in 1865, returned to Poinsett Co., Arkansas. Married 1867 to MARTHA JANE HUSTON of Tennessee who died 1875. In 1876 married LAURA STEVENS who died 1884. In 1885, married JOSEPHINE whose maiden name was MCCLELLAND and born in Tennessee. Could be buried in Bolivar Cemetery where there is a sign on fence as J. Wight. Lived in Poinsett Co., Arkansas after the war.

WRIGHT, JOHN C. (Colonel) born March 14, 1835 in Talbot Co., Georgia, son of Major Wright and MARTHA CROWELL. At age of 8, resided in Union County, Arkansas. Age of 24, married ALABAMA NEWTON of Alabama. Sept. 1861, raised a company which was assigned to 15th Arkansas Regiment, elected lt. colonel, sent to Tennessee in defense of Forts Henry and Donelson. After Fort Henry fell, retreated to Ft. Donelson, escaped before the surrender and returned to Arkansas. He escaped with help of several Federal officers and reported to Gen. BRAGG and elected to lead WRIGHT’S Arkansas Cavalry. Was at Prairie Grove, Northwest Arkansas and the Indian Territory in summer and fall of 1863. He was in the campaign against Gen. STEELE in 1864, was at Mark’s Mill, with General Price in an Arkansas Cavalry in the Missouri raid. He had 6 horses shot out from him, in 18 battles, returned to his county after the war. JOHN CHARLES WRIGHT died jan. 18, 1915 and buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Union Co., Arkansas.

WRIGHT, JOHN M. Born Aug. 1, 1830 in Georgia, son of WILLIAM WRIGHT of GA and LUCINDA ROBINSON of GA. Married Feb. 1857 to MARY I. SUTTERWHITE of Georgia who was born Dec. 10, 1831 and died Aug. 4, 1909. In March 1862 enlisted in Co. H of 2nd Arkansas Cavalry CSA, at Shiloh, TN during war. Died Oct. 11, 1914, buried at Ebenezer Cemetery of Calhoun Co., Arkansas.

WRIGHT, JONAH Born Dec. 4, 1838 in Tennessee to JOSEPH J. WRIGHT of Alabama and ELIZABETH W.T UCKER of North Carolina. Served as 1st lieutenant of Co. D, 18th Arkansas Regt. CSA until end of war, at Jenkins’ Ferry and Fort Pillow, Tennessee, lived in Jefferson Co., Arkansas.

WRIGHT, RICHARD A. “Uncle Dick” was a Confederate soldier, corporal in C. F. 1st MONROE’S Arkansas Cavalry, buried with Confederate headstone in Wesleyan Cemetery at Point Cedar, Hot Spring Co., Arkansas.

WRIGHT, SOLOMON MARION. Born May 14, 1841 in McNairy Co., Tennessee to JOHN RHEA WRIGHT and MALINDA BURFORD. Married MARY E. WILSON. In Confederate Co. A 3rd Arkansas Infantry, wounded at Battle of Hatchie Bridge, died Dec. 6, 1868, buried at Hampton Springs Cemetery, Dallas County, Arkansas.

WRIGHT, SQUIRE BURGESS Born Jan. 29, 1845 in McNairy Co. to JOHN RHEA WRIGHT and MALINDA BURFORD. Brother of SOLOMON MARION WRIGHT. Confederate Co A 3rd Arkansas Infantry, died Sept. 13, 1863 at Chickamauga, Walker Co., Georgia.

WRIGHT, VALENTINE WOLF. Born July 18, 1837 in McNairy Co. to JOHN RHEA WRIGHT and MALINDA BURFORD, brother of Solomon Marion and Squire Burgess Wright. In Co. C. 6th Arkansas, CSA, killed by the accidental discharge of a musket on March 20, 1862.

WRIGHT, WILIAM FULTON Born 1845 Lafayette Co., Arkansas. In fall 1861, student at Virginia Military Institute as a cadet, participated in a month’s campaign in Shenandoah Valley under Stonewall Jackson, including battle of McDowell. Returned to Arkansas and enlisted in Confederate service, appointed aide on staff of Gen. J. C. TAPPAN as a lieutenant. Later appointed lieutenant in engineer corps. With Marmaduke’s Cavalry until Red River campaign of spring of 1864, then made senior aide of staff for Gen. T. J. Churchill as captain. On duty till command was disbanded at Marshall, Texas. In battles in west of Monroe, Louisiana, Poison Spring and Jenkins’ Ferry in Arkansas. After the war, returned to V.M.I. and graduate. Resided in Lafayette County Arkansas until 1873 then moved to Little Rock, Arkansas.

TUCKER, J. M. Born in Madison Co., Indiana 1840, son of JOHN TUCKER. Lived in Benton Co., Arkansas after war. Could be buried in Bentonville cemetery.

TUCKER, MARION J. Born Nov. 14, 1844 in Nashville, Tennessee, son of Colonel THOMAS J. TUCKER of Virginia and NANCY NANCE of Tennessee. Enlisted in Confederate service 9th Tennessee Infantry. Captured at Chickamauga, held as prisoner until end of war, mostly at Indianapolis. He was at first at Nashville, TN and placed with 115 others in top story of the Maxwell House, which broke through with them and he and others carried clear to basement. He was badly injured and had one arm and one leg broken. After being in hospital then sent to Indianapolis. Was at Belmont, Chickamauga, Murfreesboro, and several other battles. Married in TN on Jan. 9, 1866 to MARY JANE CHAMBERS who was born Jan. 7, 1847 and died Jan. 20, 1889. In 1874 came to Arkansas, married MRS. ANNIE GAULT May 12, 1889 who was born in Illinois. He died 1923 and buried with Mary Jane in Mitchell Cemetery in Clay Co., Arkansas.

TUCKER, PLEASANT B. Sr. Born July 12, 1817 in Hawkins Co., Tennessee to FLEMON TUCKER who was the second husband of MARY D. BURKHART, mother of Pleasant. He married in May 1852 to LUCINDA H. CRAWFORD. Joined the Confederate army as a minute men after battle of Elkhorn and moved his family to Bell Co., Texas and returned to Arkansas. Lived in Washington Co., Arkansas after the war.

TUCKER, ROBERT F. Born Dec. 7, 1851 in Kentucky to ROBERT TUCKER of Virginia and MARTHA FRANCES (no given surname0. Married ANASTATIA M. who was born Feb. 17, 1841 and died June 19, 1905. Enlisted in Co. K 9th Arkansas Cavalry CSA. Promoted to sergeant. All officers killed or wounded at Peach Tree, Georgia. He had to command for company under Gen. Johnston. Was furloughed and the war ended before his furlough ended. Buried at Bethel Cemetery, Ashley Co., Arkansas.

TUCKER RUSH L. Born Oct. 22, 1843 in Arkansas to STITCH TCUKER and MINVERA STEEL. Enlisted 1862 in 34th Arkansas Volunteer Regiment until Oct. 1864. Married Jan. 31, 1864 to MARY L. HALL of Tennessee. Married Sept. 12, 1875 to CELIA FOSTER of Arkansas. Married Oct. 12, 1886 to MARY SNIDER of Mississippi. Lived in Jackson Co., Arkansas after war.

TUCKER, WILLIAM Born Jan. 1831 possibly in Arkansas to WILLIAM TUCKER and ANNA JAMES, both of Tennessee. Married 1859 to MARGARET MCKINNEY who was born 1844 in Arkansas. Served in Hill’s Regiment CSA. Lived in Madison Co., Arkansas after war.

TUCKER, WILSON Born in Georgia, came to Conway Co., Arkansas 1859. Made the trip overland and had the usual hardships. Enlisted in CSA 1816, died in Little Rock from pneumonia which he contracted in the army when exposed to all kinds of weather, buried in Confederate Cemetery at Little Rock, Arkansas.

TUCKER, ZADOK CARSON Born May 4, 1849 member of 2nd Arkansas Infantry as a blacksmith. Jan. 7, 1872 married VICTORIA SPLAWN aka NANCY VICTORIA SPLAWN who was born April 8, 1854 and died April 26, 1935. He died Aug. 31, 1934 and buried at Ebenezer Cemetery in Bradley Co., Arkansas.

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