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Emma Rockefeller McAlpin, (1868 - 1934)

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Born 8 Jun 1868 in Fairfield, Connecticut as Emma Rockefeller, to William G Rockefeller (1841-1922) and his wife Almira Geraldine Goodsell.

She married 12 Dec 1895 at Tarrytown, New York to Dr. David Hunter McAlpin, Jr (2 Jun 1862 - 20 Jan 1934). (Dates per his obit)

She is named, as "Mrs D Hunter McAlpin, one of the four surviving children, in the obit of her father William G Rockefeller who died 24 Jun 1922". Her husband David died Jan 1934, "at the home of his mother 720 Park Avenue [New York City]". He was the son of David Hunter McAlpin and his wife Adelaide Rose.

She is named in an article in the New York Times, 5 Aug 1937 in speaking about a trust left by William Rockefeller to his born and not yet born great-grandchildren states "...The daughter Emma Rockefeller McAlpin who died in 1934, four children: David H McAlpin Jr, Mrs Geraldine McAlpin Webster, William Rockefeller McAlpin and Mrs Elaine McAlpin Tate." The article then names the 28 great-grandchildren, including: "...Lorna Underwood, David H Jr, and Esther Mead children of David H McAlpin; Geraldine McA daughter of Geraldine McA Webster; Sylvia Angell, William R Jr children of William R McAlpin; Diane and Gabrielle children of Elaine McA Tate."

She died 11 Aug 1934 at the Harkness Pavilion of the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.


  1. David Hunter McAlpin, Jr 1898-; married in Belmont, MA on 11 Jun 1924 Nina Walton Underwood
    1. Lorna Underwood McAlpin 1926-; married 27 Nov 1954 Robert Hauslohner
    2. David H McAlpin, Jr 1928-
    3. Esther Mead McAlpin married 8 Dec 1957 Kenneth Hyde Brownell
  2. Geraldine R McAlpin 1901- married 14 Jul 1934 to Dr Jerome Pierce Webster
    1. Geraldine McAlpin Webster
  3. William Rockefeller McAlpin 1902- married in New Haven, CT 5 Dec 1926 to Marion Angell
    1. Sylvia Angell McAlpin
    2. William R McAlpin Jr
  4. Elaine McAlpin 1906- married 23 Jan 1931 to Henry Clinch Tate
    1. Diane L Tate married 5 Mar 1955 to Lt Jacques Blaise de Sibour Jr.
    2. Gabrielle Tate
    3. Elaine Tate married William Durward Pollock Grady


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  • 1920 Census of Hanover, Morris County, New Jersey showing David H McAlpin 57, Emma R 45, Geraldine 19, William R 18, Elaine 14 plus servants.
  • New York Times, 25-30 Jun 1922, Obit of William G Rockefeller, age 81, names his four surviving children including Emma above.
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  • New York Times, 23 Jan 1931, pg 27 "Elaine R M'Alpin Wed to H C Tate"
  • New York Times, 21 Jan 1934, pg 29 "Dr D H M'Alpin Educator, Dies" stating that he is survived by his widow, two sons William R and David Hunter McAlpin, two daughters Miss Geraldine R McAlpin and Mrs H Clinch Tate.
  • New York Times, 10 Jul 1934, pg 18 "Miss G R M'Alpin Engaged to Marry"
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  • New York Times, 5 Aug 1937, page 1 "Estate of William Rockefeller Increasing $1,000,000 a Year"
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