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Reno Evening Gazette (Reno, Nevada) 21 Nov 1970 "Curiosity seekers drive accused man to suicide"

Arcadia (AP) — Family friends say an incessant parade of curiosity-seekers drove a 70-year-old man to kill himself just before he was to be arraigned on charges of keeping his daughter virtually imprisoned all of her 13 years.

"He just couldn't stand it when all those cars started coming," said Bruce Moore, 18, referring to the death of Clark Wiley.

Sheriff's deputies said Wiley, charged along with his estranged wife, Irene, 50, with child abuse, killed himself with a .38-caliber pistol Friday.

Moore and other friends of the Wileys said hundreds of cars filled with curiosity-seekers converged on the Wiley home after the couple was arrested Monday.

"I tried to run them off," Moore said. "I went out and told them 'the road goes that way.'"

The couple's daughter, Susan, still wearing diapers at 13, has been taken to Children's Hospital in Los Angeles after the Wiley's arrest. Doctors said the girl's mental development is that of a 1 1/2 year old, that she can neither speak nor understand words and that her retardation appears to be from the lack of social contact.

After his arrest Monday Wiley said he was "burning to tell the story" about the child but his attorney advised him to remain silent until the hearing.

Mrs. Wiley was informed of her husband's death shortly after she entered an innocent plea at her arraignment Friday and was told to appear in Alhambra Municipal Court Dec. 4 for a preliminary hearing.

— Transcribed Apr 2008, from the original image, by Will Johnson,, Professional Genealogist

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